Retro Shirt Reviews #1

Click here for all in the Retro Shirt Review series, where we take a close look at some classic jerseys from the POTP collection.

  • Club: ???
  • Year: early 1980s
  • Make: Erima
  • Sponsor: STORR
  • Number: 4

One word: STORR. Which is altogether appropriate, as on a recent trip to IKEA it was noted that the shirts the staff were forced to wear are quite similar to this remarkably beautiful jersey. Taking a sly photo of one of the staff members to include on this blog was even considered, and to refer to the top as “the IKEA shirt” from now on. But that would be doing it a vast disservice:

This classic, slim fitting Erima work of art was most likely used by some sort of non-league/regional/amateur West German club side from the 1980s, (which hopefully will be a reoccurring flavour in this series). In a look reminiscent of something Eintracht Braunschweig might have worn (perhaps we should have used them as a comparison instead of IKEA earlier), the unique blue/white/blue pin-striping…:

…combined with subtle wrap-around collar, raglan sleeves and “box” number on back, make this an amazing shirt:

“STORR” on the front, in felt like the number, pushes it to possible “Best Thing We Own” status:

Erima are one of those brands that has a special place in our hearts, possibly due to a love of general West German aesthetics and being reminded of West Germany’s white/black/green kit combination at the 1978 World Cup which is a very good thing:

On the label, their classic green and blue logo:

Overall, this shirt receives our very highest grade: 7 and a half thumbs up.



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