Retro Shirt Reviews #12

For every entries in the series so far, already featuring some historic and classic designs, click here.

  • Club: Mount Street FC
  • Year: 80s
  • Make: Adidas
  • Template: Goalkeeper
  • Sponsor: n/a
  • Number: 1
  • Similarly Worn By: Wales; Aberdeen; Ipswich Town; Spain; Belgium; Ireland; others

It’s time for our first retro goalkeeper shirt and what a way to start:

For most information on this template and it’s history, we’re just going to send you here – to Museum of Jerseys’ Part 1 in the Evolution of Adidas Goalkeeper Shirt Designs since it provides all you need to know. But as they state, the design dates back as far as 1978 – first seen in use in a Netherlands pre-World Cup team photo from that year.

It would go on to be employed by many Adidas clubs and countries – several listed above –  and with a variety of different colours utilised to accompany the commanding black upper-section. But this shade of green probably remains the most commonly associated colour for the template:

Our specific shirt was used by Dublin non-league side Mount Street FC in the late 80s and early 90s, donated by a family member who player-managed the team. The earlier heritage of the template is evident through the trefoil, which is the version used with the upper horizontal line “splice” only, as used by Adidas in the early to mid 80s (opposed to the “fully spliced” version used in the late 70s):

The trefoil on the label is the regular design though, as is usual:

While lastly looking at the back, we must take a second to appreciate the beauty of the black and green sleeve stripes, which are a majestic combination, plus the cuffs. And of course the number 1, in classic Adidas striped font:

International Selection:

It seemed only right to go from one iconic Adidas goalkeeper jersey that first appeared right before the 1980s, to another iconic Adidas goalkeeper jersey that appeared right after the 80s ended. The only difference is that the former was a very common design, while Ireland’s 1990 first choice ‘keeper shirt – here with full kit (junior size) – was bespoke, featuring the famous shadow-chevrons also seen on the outfielders:

Like green and black, yellow and black is a always great, and the “OPEL” sponsor really gives a classic-club feel to this ensemble. Note how the Adidas logo on the shirt, unlike the Mount Street template above, is now back to the more familiar “full trefoil”, while the socks in fact display the “fully spliced” late 70s version referenced earlier (so we have all three Adidas logos between the two entries), indicating that it was apparently still being used on new Adidas licensed products as late as 1990.

On the back, one last difference to the earlier era can be seen via the number. The Adidas “stripe font” was still around but modified, with the top of the number “1” now pointing diagonally downward, rather than at a right angle as on the Mount Street shirt:


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