Pixel Jersey Remix #4 – Switzerland 1990-92

Last time in Pixel Jersey Remix we ruffled some feathers with a Third Reich version of West Germany’s iconic 88-91 template, among other historical re-imaginings. Of course the vast majority recognised the artistic expression we were going for, rather than any political gesture (after all we had East Germany right beside it). But still, to smooth things over this time we’ve brought in good old, neutral Switzerland and this very un-neautral “Blacky”-made shirt of theirs that we love.

We start with the real home and away Swiss colourways, then some other possibilities they could have used, before moving on to what other nations might have done with this template. Of course given the time the jersey was worn, we’re going as outlandishly early 90s as possible with some of these (so hopefully the only thing offended will be taste). 


All Swiss together:

That last white one realistically could have been been a viable option for the away style:

Less realistic, but also nice is this completely unnecessary third shirt:

In a similar category is the black one:

The next natural direction was north, as the main motif instantly reminded us of the Nordic cross. Hence, this “Nordic cross-section” of Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland (apologies to Denmark, but their red and white was a bit too similar to Switzerland):

Another nation with a cross-flag is of course England, so that had to be done (could possibly have been worn in rugby league):

And it’s always fun to try out German (could be used by trainers or as a team “leisure shirt”)…:

…and Dutch colours, who chose to be secular by eliminating the cross (darts or cricket jersey perhaps?):

Taking the cross mod one step further, the last of the original remixes is Ghana with the Black-Stars’ “crest” of the 90s a perfect overlay:

So as you can see, in our world each side gets an extremely generous amount of say in template modifications. Here are all of the above together, as posted on the POTP Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages earlier this week:

Then we move on to bonus rounds, extra designs after we posted the original 16 (some of which stray into hockey jersey territory):

A friend of POTP requested early 90’s Arsenal away in this template and it was a natural fit, with the the similarity of the diagonal bars to the Adidas Equipment template of the real Arsenal 93/94 away shirt:

Bayern Munich for some reason also seemed like a club that might work, possibly if Bayern had been a lower-table side:

This Celtic effort would have outraged fans if introduced as a home shirt, even though you can see hints of green and white hoops, so we’re going to say it’s another training or leisure wear top, or another needless third:

Like Bayern, maybe Ireland would have used Blacky had they not been so successful in the late 80s and early 90s and Adidas wanted no part of them:

Now we come to two shirts which we think actually might have worked in real life. First, a chance spotting of a Wimbledon crest inspired this more subtle variant, with enough colour to still represent the era well:

As club sides go, there are several in Italy associated with crosses but Parma struck us the perfect choice for this template, to be at least worn by the squad under tracksuits walking through airports:

Someone at Red Star Belgrade was watching the African Cup of Nations on Eurosport and spotted Ghana and said “hey’ we’ll have a bit of that”:

Our train of thought went from Red Star to their country of origin at the time, Yugoslavia, and with those two in a row it seemed only fair to give it the Croatia treatment while we were at it:

Yugoslavia turned out a bit “GI Joe”, and the military letters and over-all style may be a bit morbid considering what was about to come in the region in the early 90s:

Croatia on the other hand may be the pick of the bunch, with home, away and third choices (the mostly red and mostly white could either be home or away really):

The designers really went all out for the Croats with another special template mod:

Lastly, some website exclusive teamwear remixes, first in sort of a preppy tennis style…:

…and slightly GAA inspired/appropriate, or maybe dirt-bike racing:





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