Heroic Hang Jobs #11 (Gallery)

Click here for all entries in this series highlighting great flag and banner hanging at every levels.

Arezzo vs Sansepolcro, Campionato Nazionale Dilettanti Group E,  1996:

Paris Saint-Germain vs ???, 1999:

Shelbourne FC vs Hadjuk Split, Champions League second qualifying round-2nd leg, 04/08/2004:

Brescia vs Ternana, Serie B, 08/06/1980:

Turkey vs East Germany, World Cup 90 qualifier, 30/11/1988:

Ireland vs Portugal, Euro 96 qualifier, 26/04/1995:

Italy vs Argentina, World Cup 90, 03/07/1986:

Argentina vs Italy, World Cup 86, 05/06/1986:

FC Stahl Brandenburg vs FC Bayer 05 Uerdingen, 2. Bundesliga Nord, 16/11/1991:

Fenerbahçe vs Beşiktaş, 1.Lig, 06/0/1990:

Poland vs Norway, World Cup 94 qualifier, 13/10/1993:

Croatia vs Slovenia, World Cup 98 qualifier, 02/04/1997:

Yugoslavia (featuring Finland on the right) vs USA, World Cup 98, 25/06/1998:

ADO Den Haag vs ???, 1995:


YouTube Links:

Arezzo vs Sansepolcro (season video), 1996
Brescia vs Ternana, 1980
Turkey vs East Germany, 1988
Ireland vs Portugal, 1995
Italy vs Argentina, 1990
Argentina vs Italy, 1986
Stahl Brandenburg vs Uerdingen, 1992
Fenerbache vs Besiktas, 1990
Poland vs Norway, 1993
Croatia vs Slovenia, 1997
Yugoslavia vs USA, 1998


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