Pixel Jersey Remix #8 – Croatia 1996

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The red and white chequers of Croatia, in the form of Lotto fabric, took Europe by storm in 1996 with their debut at that year’s Euros. They had been wearing a very similar shirt in qualifying, when a fraction of the same audience had seen them, but by England 96 a smart button collar had been added. While the pattern was seemingly unique at this level, and many can’t imagine any other team in it, we thought it would be fun to push the limits of the design and show that it’s actually quite flexible:

Croatia, home (original):

Croatia, home (original) with number:

Croatia, away:

Croatia, away with number:

Croatia, third:

Croatia, third with number:

Croatia, alt away:

Croatia, alt away with number:

Croatia, training:

Unnumbered Croatia collection:

Numbered Croatia collection:

Ireland, home:

Ireland, home with number:

Ireland, away:

Ireland, away with number:

Finland, home:

Ireland plus Finland:

Germany, home:

Germany, home with number:

Germany, training:

Germany, away:

Germany, away with number:
Germany, away training:
Germany collection:
Belgium, home:
Belgium, away:
Ukraine, home:
Ukraine, away:
Belgium plus Ukraine:
Andorra, home:
New Zealand, home:
USA, home:
USA, New Zealand and Andorra:
Ghana, home:
Ghana, home with number:
Ghana, away:
Ghana, away with number:
Ghana, training:
Ghana collection:
Bonus 1The Dublin Giants
Shelbourne FC:
Bohemian FC:
Shamrock Rovers:
St. Patrick’s Athletic:
Bonus 2Templates For Your Club
Template 1:
Template 2:
Template 3:
Template 4:
Template 5:
Template 6:
Template 7:
Template 8:

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