Pixel Jersey Remix #10 – Slovenia 2002

Click here for all in this series.

For this 10th Pixel Jersey Remix we present Slovenia’s “mountain special” of an Uhlsport template from 2002, mostly applied it to other mountainous nations of the world but with one or two exceptions:

Now for closer looks, first just the Slovenia shirts – the two originals plus our three plausible edits:

The southern hemisphere entries – Ecuador, 2nd highest capital in the world; a revived Zaire, with DR Congo home to the 3rd highest peak in Africa; and Bolivia, highest capital in the world:

The smaller European nations – San Marino, with three peaks of Monte Titano; Andorra, located in the Pyrenees; Iceland, full of mountains and volcanoes; and Armenia, 85.9% of the country is mountains, represented on their crest:

The larger Euro countries – Switzerland goes without saying for mountains, then two subtler uses in Germany and Poland not emphasising the mountain aspect, and of course the Netherlands flat special:

And to finish off the main ones, the Asian contingent from – Nepal, Pakistan and India, who between them are home to about 32 of the 35 highest mountains in the world (several of which are also part of China), and a Japan Mount Fuji special:

Finally, some bonus “templates for your team” shirts:


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