Pixel Jersey Remix #11 – Adidas Equipment V.1, Alternative Europe

Click here for all Pixel Jersey Remixes, or here for our related in-depth look at the countries who really did wear this template – probably our favourite football shirt design of all time.


In this alternative pyroverse, Netherlands and Belgium decide to stay with Adidas after 1990 instead of going to Lotto and Diadora respectively. The Dutch away shirt is a tribute to their rare white and black kit of the late 1970s, with added unique collar-trim (only Ireland had this in reality). Germany, Spain and Luxembourg, who were all with Adidas in real life but in different Equipment designs, get muted flag bars and deals inspired by Ireland/Opel to feature large Equipment logos across the front of replicas, in addition to the collar logo and the massive shoulder bars. The Belgians also use “flag bars” along with Latvia and Russia, the latter getting a new away colour. Scotland, Wales and Belgium (again) make use of Bayern-style boarders, while Greece are the most sensible/realistic. Croatia’s new chequered design (debuted in 1990) is incorporated into both home and away, probably the most eye catching of the bunch. Lastly, Ukraine and Turkey have only home shirts in the template (due to old school randomness), with Turkey’s traditional horizontal panel ingeniously incorporated into the middle shoulder bar.














Bonus – Alternate Germany Away Shirts

These six bonuses were inspired by a Twitter user who wound us up with their inability to understand why our bar-colouring on German away shirt above wasn’t the realistic black/red/gold, rather than just white. Of course the idea that something could be “wrong” in Pixel Jersey Remix is preposterous, everything is exactly the way it should be and purposefully realistic or not. But truthfully it’s on us for failing to expect that many will not understand what we’re trying to do. We’re not trying to make everything “the best”, as sometimes it’s funner to imagine a world where an executive decision was made to town down a shirt compared to real life, for example. Anyway, the comments inspired us to prove a point that we could have made the kit look like anything and it still would have been correct, so internet rage (after we were told to “calm down” and learn to live with this sort of internet thing…fuck right off) was converted into creative energy:


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