Heroic Hang Jobs #13 (Gallery) (Overall Post #200)

This 13th “Heroic Hang Jobs” gallery marks post #200 overall on PyroOnThePitch.com (it’s actually more than that but we’re not including stuff such as previews), click here for all in the series which began back in March 2018 seven months in to the site’s life.

Italy vs Scotland, friendly, 22/12/1988:

MSV Duisburg vs Borussia Mönchengladbach, Bundesliga, 31/10/1997:

AS Saint-Étienne vs FC Nantes, Division1, 1/08/1987:

BSC Young Boys vs Servette FC, Nationalliga A, 05/12/1993:

Ascoli vs Inter, Serie A, 09/12/1988:

Portugal vs Czechoslovakia, World Cup 90 qualifier, 15/12/1989:

Legia Warszawa vs Widzew Łódź, Ekstraklasa, 18/06/1997:

ADO Den Haag vs FC Utrecht, Eredivisie, 1980/1981:

Germany vs England, US Cup, 19/06/1993:

Netherlands vs West Germany, European Championships semi-final, 21/06/1988:

Parmalat FC (Videoton) vs Újpest FC, Nemzeti Bajnokság I, 30/10/1993:

Portugal vs Armenia, World Cup 98 qualifier, 20/08/1997:

Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid, Primera División, 15/05/1992:

Mexico vs Costa Rica, World Cup 02 qualifier, 16/06/2001:

Croatia vs Lithuania, Euro 96 qualifier, 09/10/1994:


YouTube Links:

Italy vs Scotland, 1988
Duisburg vs Borussia M’gladbach, 1997
Saint-Étienne vs Nantes, 1987
Young Boys Bern vs Servette, 93/94
Ascoli vs Inter, 1988
Portugal vs Czechoslovakia, 1989
Legia Warszawa vs Widzew Łódź, 1997
Den Haag vs FC Uterecht, 1981
England vs Germany, 1993
Videoton vs Ujpest, 1993
Netherlands vs West Germany, 1988
Portugal vs Armenia, 1997
Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, 1992
Mexico vs Costa Rica, 2001
Croatia vs Lithuania, 1994


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