Italian Ultras, A-Z of Vecchio Group Names – Overview

The following is a special POTP project, started all the way back in 2018, which we’ve only had time to complete recently. Click here for the general category where group banners can be found, broken down into alphabetical order per post. For many of the groups listed we found no evidence of them now through online searches, so we hope this database at least keeps their memories alive somewhat.


This list is not designed to be a comprehensive guide of old school Italian ultras groups, as we are not going into things like years active (the latest group named is from around the turn of the millennium) or political alignment, just the names and their meanings where possible. Groups from different clubs that shared the same name, eg. the many “Ultras”, will be listed together, whereas the likes of Ultra’ Potenza, Ultra’ Roma, etc, will be listed separately. Groups which are named after a locale are a bit of a grey area, as some that were particularly famous or featuring a noteworthy prefix are included, while others are excluded so as not to clog up the list with endless Italian place names. We also don’t claim to have every Italian ultras group from the 20th century listed as that would be virtually impossible, and considering the large numbers involved already the stats below are approximate. But it is a pretty good sample.

Following this main post will be a series of follow-ups breaking down the list by letter (grouping some of the less common letters together), which will include as many pictures of as many group banners possible for the groups we have been able to find. The posts will be updated in future with any further findings, and please feel free to contact us with anyone we’ve missed.

Click here for all of the individual posts, or click on each letter throughout the list to go to that letter’s post.


Crunching the numbers:

Total Clubs172
Total Ultras Groups2645
Total Number of Group Names1540
Most Groups Accounted ForMilan, 80
“Unique” Group Names212, 13%
Most Used Exact Name“Ultras”, 61 groups
Second Most Used Exact Name“Boys”, 52 groups
Most Common Theme“Ultra'”/”Ultras” in some form, 15%
Second Most Common Theme“Boys” in some form, 8%
Most Common General ThemeMilitary (Brigate, Commandos, etc), 20%
Second Most Common General ThemeHistory/Old (Gruppo Storico, Vecchia Guardia, etc) 15%

Top 20 Clubs by Number of Ultras Groups Accounted For:

1. Milan80
2. Ternana77
3. Torino69
4. Vicenza69
5. Padova65
6. Reggina62
7. Modena48
8. Salernitana46
9. Hellas Verona45
10. Livorno45
11. Palermo44
12. Fiorentina42
13. Napoli42
14. Perugia39
15, Spezia39
16. Cesena37
17. Ascoli36
18. Foggia35
19. Roma35
20. Cagliari33

Top 45 exact names by number of groups:

1. “Ultras”61
2. “Boys”52
3. “Vecchia Guardia”48
4. “Fedayn”34
5. “Viking”33
6. “Mods”32
7. “Panthers”30
8. “Supporters”27
9. “Fedelissimi”25
10. “Scon Volts”/”Sconvolts”24
11. “Warriors”23
12. “Brigate”21
13. “Eagles”20
14. “Kaos”20
15. “Fighters”19
16. “Fossa”18
17. “Nuova Guardia”18
18. “Rebels”18
19. “Teste Matte”18
20. “Hooligans”17
21. “Irriducibili”17
22. “Commandos”15
23. “Rangers”14
24. “Bad Boys”12
25 “Wild Kaos”12
26. “Youth”12
27. “Bulldogs”/”The Bulldogs”11
28. “Collettivo”11
29. “Forever Ultras”11
30. “Nucleo”11
31. “Skin Heads”/”Skinheads”11
32. “Teddy Boys”11
33. “Hell’s Angels”10
34. “Indians”10
35. “Armata”9
36. “Crazy Boys”9
37. “Commando Ultras Cuvra Sud”9
38. “Girls”9
39. “Commando Ultras Curva Nord”8
40. “Stra’ Kaos”8
41. “Alcool”7
42. “Bronx”/”The Bronx”7
43. “Commando Ultra'”7
44. “Furiosi”7
45. “Rude Boys”7

Top 50 Themes by Percent and Number of Groups:

1. Ultras9.11%241
2. Unique8.24%218
3. Boys4.91%130
4. Chaos/Wild4.23%112
5. Old/History4.19%111
6. Fight4.12%109
7. Brigade3.93%104
8. Army3.85%102
9. Alcohol3.70%98
10. Youth3.36%89
11. Drugs3.28%87
12. Commandos3.02%80
13. Crazy2.72%72
14. Supporters2.49%66
15. South2.07%55
16. Den/Lair (Fossa)2.04%54
17. Devils/Demons/Hell2.04%54
18. Eagles1.09%50
19. German1.09%50
20. Faithful (Fedelissimi)1.85%49
21. Girls1.85%49
22. Others Animals (besides dogs, eagles, lions, panthers)1.81%48
23. Middle Eastern Insurectionistsub 1%46
24. Rebelssub 1%45
25. Northsub 1%44
26. Pantherssub 1%43
27. Vikingsub 1%39
28. Toughsub 1%37
29. Dogssub 1%37
30. Modssub 1%36
31. New Generationsub 1%36
32. Indianssub 1%35
33. Maroon (Granata)sub 1%33
34. Hostilesub 1%32
35. Lionssub 1%32
36. Front sub 1%30
37. Corps (Korps)sub 1%30
38. White-Redsub 1%30
39. Core (Nucleo)sub 1%28
40. Bluesub 1%27
41. Hooliganssub 1%27
42. Love/Sex/Passionsub 1%27
43. Weapons/Explosivessub 1%27
44. Collectivesub 1%26
45. Outlawssub 1%26
46. Skinssub 1%26
47. Brothers/Clansub 1%23
48. Celticsub 1%22
49. Musicsub 1%22
50. Powersub 1%22

Top 10 General Themes by Percent:

1. Military11.79%
2. Old/History9.41%
3. Ultras9.11%
4. Animals8.84%
5. Unique8.20%
6. Drugs/Alcohol6.95%
7. Sub Cultures/Music4.19%
8. Rebels/Revolutionary/Terrorists3.66%
9. America (general)2.23%
10. Foreign Language2.23%

The List:


+21 (named after the number of group founders) Brescia
π (or II) Generazione Maceratese
3M (Manicomio Magno Magnini) (Magical Mental Hospital of Magnini) Perugia
3×5 Crew Torino
7Bello Fiorentina


A Sostegno di una Fede (In Support of a Faith) Catania
Achaean Generation
(ancient Greek tribe/synonym for ancient Greeks) Chieti
Acid Pratp
Acid Boys
Cagliari, Cavese
Acid Group
Cesena, Pro Sesto, Ravenna
Action Korps
Adlers Korps
(German for Eagles Corps) Sambenedettese
Afrika Amaranto
(Amaranth Africa, red/purple colour) Reggina
Afrika Sballata
(Afrika Busted, a play on the name of hip-hop DJ/producer Afrika Bambaataa, with the “busted” implying arrest for illegal activities) Lecce
(Wealthy) Taranto
Agna Alkoolika
(Agna Alkoholic) Matera
Alchooligans Gubbio
Alcoholic Group
(Alcoholic) Gualdo, Osimana
(Alcohol) Bari, Catania, Centese, Cremonese, Juve Stabia, Livorno, Mantova, Massese, Montevarchi, Napoli, Padova, Perugia, SPAL, Taranto, Torino, Udinese, Viareggio, Vicenza
Alcool Campi
Acool Force (Alcohol Force) Ascoli
Alcool Group
(Alcohol Group) Pescara, Ternana, SPAL
Alcool Korps
(Alcohol Korps) Avellino
Alcool Lonigo Vicenza
Alcool Trip (Alcohol Trip) Frosinone
Alcoolica (Alcoholic) Genoa
Alcooligans (Alcohol-Hooligans) Cremonese, Matera, Udinese
Alcools Spezia
Aliti Pesanti (Heavy Breaths) Siracusa
Alkatraz Sassuolo
Alkool Girls Cosenza
Alkool Group Loreto Cosenza
Allentati (Loose, slag for intoxicated?) Fasano
Allucinate (Hallucinated) Bari, Centese
Allucinati (Hallucinated) Reggiana
Alta Fedelta’ (High Fidelity – i.e. high faithfulness) Messina
Alta Tensione (High Tension) Modena, Napoli, Padova
Altedo Bologna
Alterati (Altered State) Fiorentina
Alternativa Rossonera (Red-Black Alternative) Milan
Amaranta Rossa (Red Army) Perugia
Amantea Ovunque (Amantea Everywhere) Cosenza
Amaranth Korps (red/purple colour) Reggina
Anarchia (Anarchy) Ternana
(Gli) Angeli della Nord (The Angels from the North) Palermo, Pisa
(Gli) Angeli della Sud (The Angels from the South) Pescara, Siracusa, Taranto
(Gli) Angeli di Via Vedriani (The Angels of Via Vedriana) Modena
Angels Hellas Verona
Animal House Ternana
Animals Pro Gorizia
Animals In Action Hellas Verona
Anime Infette (Infected Minds) Casertana
Apache Indian Altamura
Apaches Lecce
Apocolypse Now Ternana
Aquile (Eagles) Inter
Arancia Meccanic (Clockwork Orange, after the violent cut film “A Clockwork Orange”) Fermana, Foggia, Juventus
Arditi (Hardy) Arezzo, Ascoli, Bari, Battipagliese, Benevento, Potenza, Roma
Area Bianconera (White-Black Area) Juventus
Area Granata (Maroon Area) Cittadella
Arenula Noerina
Arezzo Ovunque (Arezzo Everywhere) Arezzo
Armata (Army) Atalanta, Carrarese, Como, Milan, Modena, Palermo, Pisa, Ravenna, Venezia/VeneziaMestre
Armata Amaranto (Amaranth Army) Livorno
Armata Nerazzurri (Black-Blue Army) Imperia
Armata Biancoazzurri (White-Blue Army) SPAL
Armata Biancorossa (White-Red Army) Vicenza
Armata del Brancaleone (Army of the White Lion) Padova
Armata Ghibellina (Ghibelline Army, after a 12th/13th century Italian city-states faction that supported the Holy Roman Empire vs the Guelph supported Pope) Siena
Armata Rossa (Red Army) Perugia
Armata Rossonera (Red-Black Army) Milan
Armata Rossonere (Red-Black Army) Nocerina
Armata Nerazzurra (Black-Blue Army) Pisa
Armata Ultra’ (Ultras Army) Osimana
Armata Viola (Violet Army) Fiorentina, Ostia
Armate (Armed) Atalanta
Armate Nerazzure (Armed Black-Blues) Civitavecchia
Army Torino
Army Korps Monopoli
Ascoli Kaos Ascoli
Ascoli’s Eagles Ascoli
AS Roma Ultras Roma
Assenze Arbitrarie (Arbitrary Absences) Crotone
Associazione Stalle Umane (ASU) (Stable Human Association) Hellas Verona
Astra Alcool (Alcohol Astra) SPAL
Atalanta Commandos Atalanta
(Gli) Autonomi (The Self-Employed) Casertana
Autonomia (Autonomy) Napoli
Autonomia Grigiorossa (Grey-Red Autonomy) Cremonese
Autonomia Nerazzurra (Black-Blue Autonomy) Pisa
Avanguardia (Vanguard) Cavese, Roma, Viterbese
Avanguardia Gialloblu (Yellow Blue Vanguard) Licata
Avanguardia Rossonera (Red-Black Vanguard) Milan
Avengers Arezzo
Azzurrostellati (Starry-Blue) Paganese


BABS Doc (see “Brigata Azione Bassa Selvaggia”) Udindse
BABS Nucleo Sfatati
(BABS Debunked Core, see “Brigata Azione Bassa Selvaggia”) Udinese
BABS Rasta
(see “Brigata Azione Bassa Selvaggia”) Udinese
Baby Club Fermana
Bad Baby
Bad Boys
Ascoli, Cagliari, Catania, Lucchese, Monopoli, Napoli, Pescara, Prato, Sambenedettese, Spezia, Ternana, Vadese
Bad Hearts
Bacco’s Brothers
(Bacchus’ Brothers, Roman version of Greek god Dionysus – god of ritual madness and frenzy) Ancona
Bacco’s Sons
(see above) Arezzo
Bad Brains Barletta
(Spree) Bologna
Balls Breakers
Nocerina, Padova
Banda Ragno
(Spider Band) Vicenza
(Bandits) Torino
(The) Barbarians
Bar Drink
Hellas Verona
Bar Jano’s Friends
Baraonda Biancoblu Cassino
Barbour Gang
(after the Barbour jackets worn by the group) Milan
Barone Rossonero
(Red-Black Baron) Milan
Baschi Rossoneri
(Red-Black Basques) Milan
Bassa Crew
(Low Crew) Torino
Batman Torino
Battleship Giallorossa (Yellow-Red Battleship) Messina
Beach Boys Cesena, Turris
Bears Alessandria
Beastie Boys
Berghem Blues Atalanta
Berici Alcoolici (Berici Spirits, as in the Berici Hills on which Vicenza stands) Vicenza
Beveren Group Siena
Biamo Persi
(We Lost) Atalanta
(Seemingly after Italian violin maker Leandro Bisiach) Udinese
BL Girls
Black And White Fighters Gruppo Storico
1977 (Black and White Fighters Historical Group) Juventus
Black And White Superstars
Black And White Supporters Juventus
Black Out Avellino
Black Panthers
Black Street
Black Warriors
Ascoli, Udinese
Blood And Honour
Blousons Noirs Lazio
Blu Fighters
(Blue Fighters) Paganese
Blue Army
Blue Boys Supporters
Blue Condors
Blue Devils
Blue Kaos
Blue Lions
Brescia, Napoli
Blue Tigers Napoli
Blue White Korps Formia
Blue’s Brothers Empoli
Bocciofila Ardita (Daring Bowler) Monza
Boldi Giovani (Bold Young People) Sambenedettese
Bomber Group Fiorentina
Boot Boys Padova
Bordello Messina
Borgata Shanghai (Shanghai Township) Ascoli
Botoli Ringhiosi (Snarling Bumblebee) Arezzo
Boys Alessandira, Arezzo, Ascoli, Avellino, Bari, Barletta, Bologna, Cassino, Castel Di Sangro, Catania, Cecina, Civitavecchia, Cosenza, Empoli, Fiorentina, Foggia, Frosinone, Giarre, Giulianova, Grosseto, Hellas Veron, Juve Stabia, Livorno, Mantova, Napoli, Padova, Piacenza, Pistoiese, Pontedera, Potenza, Pro Vercelli, Ravenna, Reggiana, Reggina, Roma, Sambenedettese, Saronno, Siena, Siracusa, Sora, SPAL, Spezia, Taranto, Teramo, Trapani, Trento, Turris, Viareggio, Vicenza, Virtus Lanciano, Viterbese
Boys Alcool
(Alcohol Boys) Ternana
Boys Amaranto
(Amaranth Boys, red/purple colour) Reggina
Boys Bianconeri
(White-Black Boys) Fanfulla
Boys Casale
Boys Cosenza Cosenza
Boys Curva Nord
(North Curve Boys) Cremonese
Boys del bar Dorando
(Boys from the Dorando Bar) Carpi
Boys del Sud Cavese
(Boys From South Cavese) Cavese
Boys Eboli
Boys Enzo Cuccaro
(after a club president who’s reign brought league promotion) Casertana
Boys Esso
Boys Falange (Boys Phalanx) Catania
Boys Gela
Boys Lilla
Boys Olbia
Boys Parma 1977 Parma
Boys Rebel Forever
Boys Squadre d’Azione Giallorosse (Boys SAG)
(Yellow-Red Boys Action Team) Catanzaro
Squadre d’Azione Nerazzurre (Boys SAN) (Black-Blue Boys Action Team) Inter
Boys Sud
(South Boys) Torino
Boys TNT
Boys Ultra’
Boys Vanvitelli Casertana
Boys Varese Varese
Boys Zen Palermo
Bra Front
Brianza Alcoolica
(Alcoholic Brianza) Inter
Brigadas Barracha
(Spanish for Drunk Brigades) Andria
(German for Brigade) Battipagliese, Perugia
(Brigade) Brescia, Cavese, Legnano, Reggiana, SPAL
Brigata Alcolica (Alcoholic Brigade) Imperia
Brigata Antivicenza (Anti-Vicenza Brigade) Padova
Brigata Azione Bassa Selvaggia (Low Wild Action Brigade) Udinese
Brigata Belfast (Belfast Brigade) Vicenza
Brigata Carolina Napoli
Brigata Centro (Center Brigade) Fiorentina
Brigata Ciceron Street (Ciceron Street Brigade) Juve Stabia
Brigata Doria Sampdoria
Brigata Etrusca (Etruscan Brigade) Viterbese
Brigata Falcioni Fano
Brigata Farnese Piacenza
Brigata Gin Tonic Ternana
Brigata Massaro (Massaro Brigade, after club player in the 80s and 90s Daniele Massaro) Milan
Brigata Ostile (Hostile Brigade) Potenza
Brigata Sclerotica (Reluctant to Adapt/Compromise Brigade) Ravenna
Brigata Sezione (Section Brigade) Brescia

Brigata Suicida (Suicide Brigade) Atalanta
Brigata Tafferugli (Scuffles Brigade) Spezia
Brigata Ultra’ (Ultras Brigade) Perugia, Udinese
Brigata Vallette Torino
Brigata Veleno (Poison Brigade) Cittadella, Reggina
Brigata Vesuviana (Vesuviana Brigade, after the Vesuviana railway line) Turris
Brigata Zeffirelli Fiorentina
Brigata S.Elia Cagliari
Brigate (Brigades) Alessandria, Bari, Bologna, Casertana, Cecina, Crotone, Empoli, Fano, Fiorentina, Giugliano, Lecce, Lecco, Molfetta, Monza, Nola, Parma, Pergocrema, Sampdoria, Spezia, Ternana, Vigor Lamezia
Brigate Amaranto (Amaranth Brigades, red/purple colour) Livorno
Brigate Angolo (Angle Brigades) Hellas Verona
Brigate Arancioni (Orange Brigades) Pistoiese
Brigate Autonome (Autonomous Brigades) Gualdo
Brigate Autonome Livornesi (Autonomous Bridges from Livorno) Livorno
Brigate Azzurre (Blue Brigades) Siracusa
Brigate Biancazzurre (White-Blue Brigades) Matera
Brigate Bianche (White Brigades) Olbia
Brigate Bianco Azzure (White Blue Brigades) Brescia
Brigate Biancoazzurre (White-Blue Brigades) Novara
Brigate Biancoblu (White-Blue Brigades) Brescia
Brigate Bianconere (White-Black Brigades) Cesena, Siena
Brigate Biancorosse (White-Red Brigades) Ancona, Mantova, Monza, Vittoria
Brigate Elkjaer (Elkjaer Brigades, after 80s Danish club player Preben Elkjær) Hellas Verona
Brigate Gialloblu (Yellow-Blue Brigades) Fermana, Hellas Verona, Modena
Brigate Giallorosse (Yellow-Red Brigades) Benevento, Giulianova, Lecce, Vadese
Brigate Gnorres Prato
Brigate Intifada (See Intifada) Savoia
Brigate Neroazzurre (Black-Blue Brigades) Atlanta
Brigate Neroverdi (Black-Green Brigades) Venezia/VeneziaMestre
Brigate Rosanero (Pink-Black Brigades) Palermo
Brigate Rossoblu (Red-Blue Brigades) Cagliari, Civitanovese, Cosenza, Montevarchi, Taranto
Brigate Rossoblu Vulture (Red-Blue Vulture Brigade) Crotone
Brigate Rossonere (Red-Black Brigades) Milan, Virtus Lanciano
Brigate Rossoverdi (Red-Green Brigades) Ternana
Brigate Rozze (Rough Brigades) Livorno
Brigate Zigoni Hellas Verona
Brigate Ultimo Scalin (Last Scalin Brigades) Hellas Verona
Brigate Ultra’ Catania, Nissa, Udinese
Briganti (Robers) Potenza
Bronx (includes “The Bronx”) Avellino, Catanzaro, Fano, Livorno, Modena, Monza, Napoli
Bronx 167 Vastese
Bronx Biancorosso (White-Red Bronx) Vicenza
Bronx Faito Juve Stabia
Bronx Pescara Pescara
Bronx Vigne (Bronx Vineyards) Cesana, Ternana
Brothers Milan, Sampdoria, SPAL
Brother Nocera Nocerina
Buba’s Group Vicenza
Bulldog (includes “The Bulldog”) Ancona, Empoli, Modena, Prato, Sampdoria, Ternana
Bulldogs (includes “The Bulldogs”) Casertana, Empoli, Giugliano, Inter, Milazzo, Padova, Perugia, Pro Gorizia, Pro Sesto, Reggina, Spezia
Bulls Granata (Maroon Bulls) Torino
Bunker Skin Cagliari
Burx Vicenza
Busa dei Gati (Lair of the Cat) Vicenza
Bush Avellino


Caini Hell Nord (Hell Dogs North) Milan
Campi 999
Caneva Berica
(Natives of Vicenza from Caneva, as in the Berici Hills on which Vicenza stands) Vicenza
Cani Randagi (Stray Dogs) Carrarese
Cani Sciolti (Loose Dogs) Bologna, Chievo, Frosinone, Milan, Ternana, Torino
Capottati (Overturned) Bologna
Carica Ragazzi (Charge Boys) Battipagliese 
Catania Korps
Cavese Superstar
(The) Celtics
Centocelle Roma
Central Group
Centro Storio
(Old Town) Modena, Padova, Siena
Centurions Roma
(CesenAlcohol) Cesena
Cesena Off Limits
Isernia, Pescara 
Cirrosi Epatica
(Cirrhosis of the Liver) Milan
City Boys Foligno
Fiorentina, Milan, Torino
Clan Azzurro
(Blue Clan) Empoli
Club Dragoni Rosanero
(Pink-Black Dragons Club) Palermo
Club Excelsior
Club Fedelissimi 
(Faithful Club) Brescia, Casale, Livorno
Club Femminile Amaranto
(Amaranth Female Club, red/purple colour) Arezzo
Club Fidelissimi
(Faithful Club) Andria
Club Gioventu’ Biancorossa
(White-Red Youth Club) Vicenza
Club Granata Femminile
(Female Maroon Club) Salernitana
Club Leoni Azzurri
(Blue Lions Club) Empoli
Club Rambo
Club Stadio
(Stadium Club) Catanzaro
(Cast) Barletta
(Collective) Foggia
Colletivo Nerostelato (Blackstar Collective) Casale
Collettivo (Collective) Battipagliese, Bologna, Brescia, Campobasso, Fiorentina, Foggia, Maglie, Modena, Padova, Potenza, Vicenza
Collettivo Amaranto (Amaranth Collective, red/purple colour) Livorno
Collettivo Autonomo (Autonomous Collective) Lucchese, Ternana
Collettivo Autonomo Viola (Violet Autonomous Collective) Fiorentina
Collettivo Avariato (Uncultivated Collective) Carpi
Collettivo Bianconero (White-Black Collective) Spezia
Collettivo Blasco Giulianova
Collettivo Curva Nord (North Curve Collective) Taranto
Collettivo Curva Nord Ancona (Noth Curve Collective Ancona) Ancona
Collettivo Paolo Pulici (Paolo Pulici Collective, after a former player from the 70s) Torino
Collettivo Ultra’ Curva (South Curve Ultra’ Collective) Messina
Collettivo Ultras Curva Sud (Ultras Collective South Curve) Cremonese
Commando Bologna, Sambenedettese
Commando Girls Catanzaro
Commando Green Stars Curva Sud Avellino
Commando Monteverde Lazio Lazio
Commando Ultra Curva B (Curve B Commando Ultras) Napoli
Commando Ultra Curva Nord (North Curve Commando Ultras) Brescia, Castel Di Sangro, Lecce, Padova, Palermo, Reggina, Sassari Torres, Trapani
Commando Ultra Curva Sud (South Curve Commando Ultras) Barletta, Benevento, Frosinone, Lanciano, Massese, Messina, Modena, Roma, Virtus Lanciano
Commando Ultra Curva Te (You Curve Commando Ultras) Mantova
Commando Ultra’ Cesena, Crotone, Fano, Foggia, Giulianova, Salernitana, Varese
Commando Ultra’ Arezzo Arezzo
Commando Ultra’ Campobasso Campobasso
Commando Ultra’ Casale Casale
Commando Ultra’ Cittadella Cittadella
Commando Ultra’ Gradinata (Stairways Commando Ultras) Casertana
Commando Ultra’ Indian Trips Carrarese
Commando Ultra’ Narnese Narnese
Commando Ultra’ Prima Linea (Front Line Commando Ultras) Cosenza
Commando Ultra’ Rondine Curva Ovest
(West Curve Swallow Commando Ultras) Rondinella
Commando Ultra’ Sao Paulo
Casarano 45
Commando Ultra’ Termoli Termoli
Commando Ultra’ Yellow Blue Lions Ischia
Commando Ultra’ Young Supporters Cagliari
Commando Ultras Curva Est (East Curve Commando Ultras) Teramo
Commando Villa San Giovani Reggina
Commandos Alessandria, Ascoli, Bologna, Como, Foggia, Gubbio, Livorno, Mestre, Milan, Pergocrema, Pescara, Piacenza, Pisa, Spezia, Ternana, Vicenza
Commandos Army Ascoli
Commandos Aquile (Eagles Commandos) Palermo
Commandos Bianco-Azzurri (White-Blue Commandos) Empoli
Commandos Club Novara
Commandos Fedelissimi (Faithful Commandos) Torino
Commandos Friuli (After the Friuli region of Italy/the club’s Friuli Stadium ) Udinese
Commandos Gialloblu’ (Yellow-Blue Commandos) Hellas Verona
Commandos Girls Palermo
Commandos Panthers Pistoiese
Commandos Tigre (Tiger Commandos) Matera, Messina, Milan, Monza
Commandos Tigri (Tigers Commandos) Pro Patria
Commandos Ultra’ Monopoli
Compagni Livornesi (Comrades from Livorno) Livorno
Conversano Biancorossa (White-Red Converse) Bari
Convinti (Convinced) Fiorentina, Milan, Torino
Cool Clan Casertana
Cool Group Genoa
Cosenza Vecchia (Old Cosenza) Cosenza
Covo Rossa (Red Den) Perugia
Crazieraggazi (Crazy Boys) Ascoli
Crazy Boys Ancona, Bologna, Cagliari, Casertana, Empoli, Novara, Piacenza, Salernitana, Spezia
Crazy Boys Far Out Licata
Crazy Bulldogs Casertana
Crazy Devils Foggia
Crazy Doors Ascoli
Crazy Gang Arezzo
Crazy Group Empoli, Montevarchi, Reggina, Ternana
Crazy Heads
Padova, Vicenza
Cresta Alta
(High Ridge) Padova
(I) Crotoniati (The Crotonese) Crotone
Cruel Group Paganese
Cruels Avellino
Crusader Ultras Supporters Parma
CUIB Padova, Palermo
Cuore Amaranto (Amaranth Heart, red/purple colour) Reggina
Cuore Granata (Maroon Heart) Puteolana
Cuore Neroverde (Black-Green Heart) Chieti
Cuore Rossonero (Red-Black Heart) Foggia
Cyber Hübner (after 90s club player Dario Hübner) Cesena


Damage Inc. Bologna
(Damned) Milan
(The) Deadly Sinners Club
Hellas Verona
Della Ferrovia
(From the Railway) Fiorentina
(Demons) Mantova
Der Adler
(German for The Eagle) Lecco
Desenzano Irriducibile (Desenzano Unbreakables) Brescia
(Determined) Catania
Acireale, Empoli, Perugia, Reggina, Spezia, Torino
Devil’s Korps Teramo
Devils Arzanese, Carpi, Milan
Devils Empire Foggia
Devils Supporters Foggia, Ravenna, Teramo
Devyl Goblyns Ternana
(I) Diavolacci (The Devils) Milan
Diffidati (Warned/Mistrustful) Brescia
Dire Wrestlers
(Directors) Fiorentina
Direttivo Curva Sud Livorno (South Curve Directors Livorno) Livorno
Doddy Boys
(after the Ponte d’Oddi neighbourhood of Perugia) Perugia
(The) Dog
Dolphins’ Supporters
Donne Biancazzurre (White-Blue Women) Pescara
Donne Gialloblu’ (Yellow-Blue Women) Hellas Verona
Dr. Martens Group Pisa
Dragani Rosanero (Pink-Black Dragons) Palermo
Dragano Granata (Maroon Dragon) Salernitana
Dragons Redgreen
Dregs Pescara
(Droogs, after the gang from the film “A Clockwork Orange”) Chieti, Juventus
Drughi Barletta (see above) Barletta
Drunk Army
Drunk Boys
Drunk Boyz
Drunk Company Veneto Alcool
(Drunk Company Alcohol Veneto) Milan
Drunk Group
Drunkards Ternana
Drunks Avellino, Catania, Padova, Reggiana, Siracusa
Drunks Spezia Spezia
Dynamik Force Battipagliese


Eagle’s Korps Palermo
Acireale, Arezzo, Ascoli, Cagliari, Catania, Como, Genoa, Grosseto, Hellas Verona, Milan, Modena, Monopoli, Monza, Padova, Palermo, Pisa, Reggiana, Reggina, Spezia, Torino
Eagles Army Spezia
Eagles Brothers Montevarchi
Eagles Carini (Cute Eagles, presumably female group) Palermo
Eagles Fans Catanzaro
Eagles Fighters Palermo
Eagles Granata (Maroon Eagles) Torino
Eagles Supporters Lazio, Palermo, Riccione, Spezia, Treviso
East Side Salernitana
Ecstasiati (Ecstasy) Modena
Elephants Catania
Emilia Korps Triestina
English Clan Atalanta
Epitaffio (Epitaph) Cavese
Erotic Group Ascoli, Torino, Varese
Erotica Castelleone Cremonese
Esperti Navigatori (Expert Navigators) Cagliari
Essere Ultras (To Be Ultras) Cagliari
Estasi (Ecstasy) Udinese
Estranei Alla Massa (Unrelated to the Mass) Napoli, Nocerina
Etarras (after the Basque paramilitary group ETA) Torino
Eternamente Fiorentina, Livorno
Eternamente Leoni (Eternally Lions) Pro Vercelli
Eterni Ribelli (Eternal Rebels) Ternana
Eterno (Eternal) Milan
Etrusca Arditi (Hard Etruscan, after the ancient Italian civilisation) Arezzo
Euforia Biancorossa (White-Red Euphoria) Vicenza
Evils Fiorentina
Executors Avellino, Spezia
Exodus Padova
(The) Exploited Cesena


F4moon Forever (after a stadium sector) Vicenza
Fabio Group
(named after a supporter that passed away on the day the group was founded) Vicenza
Faction Ellenika
(Maltese for Hellenic Faction) Foggia
(Phalanx) Giugliano, Latina, Palermo
Falange Belforte (Belforte Phalanx) Mantova
Falange Bianconera
(White-Black Phalanx) Ascoli, Fanfulla
Falange d’Assalto
(Assault Phalanx) Cagliari, Cavese, Ravenna, Rimini, Siena
Falange d’Assalto Bianconera (White-Black Assault Phalanx) Udinese
Falange d’Assalto Biancorossa (White-Red Assault Phalanx) Rimini
Falange d’Assalto Rossazzurra
(Red-Blue Assault Phalanx) Catania
Falange Fontana
(Fountain Phalanx) Padova
(I) Falchi
(The Hawks) Palermo
Falconara Alcool
(Alcohol Falconara) Ancona
Fanatic Cusp Casarano
Foggia, Genoa, Lazio, Roma
Fans Clan
Fans Club Sampdoria
Feccia Bianconera
(White-Black Dregs) Udinese
(after Fedayeen, Middle Eastern military groups willing to sacrifice themselves) Arezzo, Barletta, Battipagliese, Brescia, Campobasso, Carpi, Carrarese, Cassino, Catanzaro, Cesena, Chieti, Cosenza, Cremonese, Ebolitana, Empoli, Juve Stabia, Livorno, Milazzo, Modena, Napoli, Nola, Palermo, Pisa, Potenza, Reggina, Rimini, Roma, Salernitana, Sambenedettese, Sassari Torres, Siracusa, Termoli, Ternana, Torino
Fedayn Bronx
(see above) Battipagliese, Casertana
Fedayn Rionero (see above) Vultur Rionero
Fedela alla Linea (Faithful To The Line) Livorno
Fedelissimi (Faithful/Loyal, includes “I Fedelissimi” – The Faithful) Atalanta, Bologna, Casertana, Cavese, Fiorentina, Foggia, Giarre, Lecce, Livorno, Matera, Messina, Modena, Monopoli, Montevarchi, Monza, Napoli, Palermo, Pescara, Reggiana, Reggina, Salernitana, Sampdoria, Siena, Ternana, Torino
Fedelissimi Antica Salerno Salernitana
Fedelissimi Azzurri (Loyal Blues) Napoli
Fedelissimi Bar Mundial (Loyalists of the World Bar) Monopoli
Fedelissimi Bar Trieste (Loyalists of  the Trieste Bar) Salernitana
Fedelissimi Bulldog (Bulldog Loyalists) Palermo
Fedelissimi Granata (Maroon Loyalists) Cittadella, Torino
Fedelissimi Como Club Pucci Como
Fedelissimi dell’American Bar
(Loyalists from the American Bar) Crotone
Fedelissimi Ultras Pergocrema
Fedelta Biancorossa (White-Red Loyalty) Bari
Fegati Spappolati
(Smashed Livers) Battipagliese, Roma
(Fierce) Milan
Ancona, Brindisi, Campobasso, Cesena, Crotone, Jesina, Juventus, Lecce, Mantova, Matera, Messina, Milazzo, Napoli, Ostia, Padova, Reggina, Salernitana, Spezia, Turris
Fighters Black and White
Fighters Ditch Pisa
Fighters United
Figlie di Hera
(Daughters of Hera) Crotone
Filippone Nero-Verde (Filippone Black-Green) Chieti
Filone c’É
(Filone is There) Crotone
Fire Red Green Ternana
Firmon Army Fermana
Fiumaretta Clan Carrarese
Flanagan Group
Flip Out
Cesena, Fiorentina, Pavia
Forever Eagles
Forever Fighters Pavia
Forever Kaos
Forever Southern
Forever Ultra’
Forever Ultras
Brescia, Bologna, Carpi, Cavese, Civitavecchia, Como, Giarre, Inter, Mantova, Lucchese, Taranto
Forever Ultras Ghetto Gela, Reggiana
Fossa (Den/Lair/Pit) Alessandria, Ancona, Arezzo, Brescia, Fiorentina, Frosinone, Giugliano, Juventus, Lecce, Lucchese, Maglie, Mantova, Modena, Palermo, Perugia, Pescara, Rimini, Sambenedettese
Fossa Arditi (Bold/Hardy Pit) Monza
Fossa Autonoma (Independent Den) Modena
Fossa Berica (Vicenza Native’s Lair, as in the Birici Hills on which the city stands) Vicenza
Fossa Bizantina (Byzantine Den, as in the Eastern Roman Empireaka-Byzantine Empire, after the ancient Greek area of Byzantium where the city of Constantinople was founded) Ravenna
Fossa dei Campioni (Pit of Champions) Juventus
Fossa dei Grifoni (Griffin’s Den) Genoa, Perugia
Fossa dei Leoni (Lion’s Den) Acireale, Empoli, Milan, Siracusa, Virescit
Fossa dei Lupi (Wolves’ Den) Roma
Fossa della Morte
(Death Pit) Livorno, Torino
Fossa delle Aquile
(Lair of the Eagles) Palermo
Fossa Etrusca
(Etruscan Lair, after the ancient Italian civilisation) Arezzo
Fosssa Friulana Triestina
Fossa Giganti Akragas
Fossa Giovio
(seemingly after 16th century Italian physician Paolo Giovio, born of Lake Como) Como
Fossa Girls (Girls Den) Reggina
Fossa Granata (Maroon Den) Trapani
Fossa Jonica Crotone
Fossa Laborica (Livornian Den) Livorno
Fossa Lariana (after the Lario/Lake Como region) Como
(La) Fossa Nerazzurri
(The Black-Blue Den) Pisa
(La) Fossa Nerazzurro
(The Black-Blue Den) Atalanta
Fossa Picena
Fossa Rasta (Rasta Den) Alessandria
Fossa Sudista (Southern Den) Reggina
Fossa Ultra’ (Ultra’s Den) Cagliari
France Legion Padova
Frange Rossonere (Red-Black Fringed) Milan
Frangia (Fringe) SPAL
Frangia Alcoolica (Alcohol Fringe) Turris
Frangia Ostile (Hostile Fringe), Roma
Friulani al Seguito (Friulani the Sequel, after the Friuli region of Italy/the club’s Stadio Friuli) Udinese
Freak Boys Battipagliese, Bologna, Padova
Freak Brothers Ternana
Freak Devils Teramo
Freak Sisters Frosinone
Free Boys Cesena
Friuli Front (after the Friuli region of Italy/the club’s Friuli Stadium) Udinese
Front Hellas Verona, Lecco, Potenza, Reggiana, Venezia/VeneziaMestre
Fronte (Front) Frosinone, Turris
Fronte Brianzola (Brianza Front, referencing a historical region of Italy that incompases mondern day Monza) Monza
Fronte d’Assalto Granata (Maroon Assault Front) Fano
Fronte d’Azione (Action Front) Palermo, Siracusa
Fronte del Porto (Front of the Port) Spezia
Fronte E_____ (?) Monopoli
Fronte Granata (Maroon Front) Salernitana
Fronte Ribelle (Rebel Front) Saronno
Fronte Rosso (Red Front) Ternana
Funky Group Ravenna
Fuori Orario (Out of Hours) Perugia
Fuori Testa (Out of Mind) Spezia
Furie Rosse (Red Fury) Arezzo, Perugia
Furiosi (Furious) Cagliari, Juve Stabia, Milazzo, Nissa, Novara, Trapani
Furiosi Biancorossi (White-Red Fury) Reggina


Gang Autonoma (Autonomous Gang) Ternana
Garrison Group
Gatti Bastardi Vicenza
(Bastard Cats Vicenza) Vicenza
Gatti Randagi
(Stray Cats) Vicenza
Gattazzi Camisano Vicentino
(Cats Camisano Vicentino) Vicenza
GBR Korps
GDN Ultra’ Reggina
Generazione Bioconere Udinese
Generazione Biancoverde
(White-Green Generation) Avellino
Generazione Giallorossa
(Yellow-Red Generation) Catanzaro
Generazione Sconvolta
(Stoner Generation, see Scon Volts) Ternana
Geneticamente Granata
(Genetically Maroon) Torino
Hellas Verona
Brindisi, Cosenza
Ghetto Boys
Jesina, Padova
Ghetto Ribelle
(Rebel Ghetto) Cosenza
Ghost Avellino, Torino
Juve Stabia
(The) Giants
Catanzaro, Messina, Torino
(John/Young) Ternana
Giovani della Fiesole
(Young People from Fiesole, city in Florence) Fiorentina
Giovani della Nord
(Young People from the North) Carrarese, Genoa
Giovani Rossoazzurri (Young Red-Blues) Catania
Giovani Tigre (Young Tiger) Milan
Giovani Ultras
(Young Ultras) Foggia
Gioventu’ (Youth) Catania, Cesena, Fanfulla, Licata, Milan, Nocerina, Paganese, Palermo, Parma, Spezia, Vicenza, Vis Pesaro
Gioventu’ Amaranto
(Amaranth Youth, red/purple colour) Arezzo, Reggina
Gioventu’ Avanguardia
(Youth Vanguard) Giarre
Gioventu’ d’Assaulto
(Assault Youth) Lucchese
Gioventu’ ‘Citigna
Gioventu’ Alabardati
(Halberded Youth, a halberd being a two handed pole-weapon that appears on the club’s crest) Triestina
Gioventu’ Azzurra
(Blue Youth) Arzanese, Napoli, Paganese, Pavia
Gioventu’ Biancazzurra
(White-Blue Youth) Brindisi, Lazio, Pro Gorizia
Gioventu’ Biancoceleste (Heavenly-White Youth) Virtus Entella
Gioventu’ Bianconera
(White-Black Youth) Ascoli, Cesena, Juventus
Gioventu’ Biancorossa
(White-Red Youth) Carpi, Mantova, Monza, Triestina
Gioventu’ Biancoscudata
(White-Shielded Youth) Padova
Gioventu’ Bizantina
(Byzantine Youth, see “Fossa Bizantina”) Ravenna
Gioventu’ Blucerchiati
(Blue-Hooped Youth) Sampdoria
Gioventu’ Brianzola
(Brianza Youth, referencing a historical region of Italy that encompases modern day Monza) Monza
Gioventu’ Centese
Gioventu’ Crociata
(Crusader Youth) Padova
Gioventu’ Estense
(Estense Youth, as in the historical House of Este and referring to inhabitants of the province of Ferrara where the House of Este was based) SPAL
Gioventu’ Ghibellina
(Ghibelline Youth, after a 12th/13th century Italian city-states faction that supported the Holy Roman Empire vs the Guelph supported Pope) Siena
Gioventu’ Giallorossa
(Yellow-Red Youth) Catanzaro, Lecce, Messina
Gioventu’ Granata
(Maroon Youth) Reggiana, Torino
Gioventu’ Grigiorossa
(Grey-Red Youth) Cremonese
Gioventu’ Neroverde
(Black-Green Youth) Sassuolo, Venezia/VeneziaMestre
Gioventu’ Pitagoriga
(Pythagorean Youth) Crotone
Gioventu’ Rebels
(Youth Rebels) Siracusa
Gioventu’ Rossazzurra
(Red-Blue Youth) Catania
Gioventu’ Rossoblu
(Red-Blue Youth) Cecina, Potenza, Taranto
Gioventu’ Rossonera
(Black-Red Youth) Foggia, Milan
Gioventu’ Rossoverdi
(Red-Green Youth) Ternana
Gioventu’ Sballata (Wrong Youth) Vastese
Gioventu’ Sudista
(Southern Youth) Siracusa
Gioventu’ Ultras
(Youth Ultras) Spezia
Giovinezza Granata (Youth Maroon) Reggiana
Bologna, Cassino, Crotone, Empoli, Foligno, Prato, Sampdoria, Torino, Venezia/VeneziaMestre
Giuventu’ Scaligera
(Native Youth of Verona, after the 13/14th century Scaliger nobel family, lords of Verona) Hellas Verona
(Gladiators) Crotone
Gladiators Fidenza Parma
Glory Days Torino
Gnorres Alcool
(Alcohol Gnorres) Prato
Gradinata Sud Ultras Vicenza
(South Stairways Ultras Vicenza) Vicenza
Granata Korps
(Maroon Korps) Pontedera, Torino
Granata South Force
(Maroon South Force) Salernitana
Graziosa Group
(Pretty Group, named in honour of a passed away supporter) Monza
Green Rock
(I) Grifoni Borgo Nuovo
(The Griffins of Nuovo Borgo) Palermo
Grifoni Ovunque (Griffins Everywhere) Genoa
Gruppo Alcolico
(Alcohol Group) Fano, Modena, Reggiana
Gruppo Anti-Manfredonia
(after Lionello Manfredonia, player for Roma rivals Lazio and Juventus in the 70s and 80s before actually playing for Roma themselves) Roma
Gruppo Anti-Monte (
after rival club Montevarchi Calcio) Sangiovannese
Gruppo Anti-Pesaro (after rival club Vis Pesaro) Fano
Gruppo Antica Repubblica di Siena 1260 (GARS 1260)
(Ancient Republic of Siena 1260 Group) Siena
Gruppo Aparte
(Apart From Group) Frosinone, Lucchese
Gruppo Asociale
(Unsociable Group) Lucchese
Gruppo Astfrix
Gruppo Astoria Modena
Gruppo Autonomo
(Autonomous Group) Arezzo, Livorno
Gruppo Brasato
(Braised Group) Milan, Modena
Gruppo Chiava (Key Group) Fiorentina
Gruppo Comodo (Comfertable Group) Milan, Rimini
Gruppo d’Azione (Action Group) Maglie, Osimana, Siena, SPAL
Gruppo Deciso
(Decided Group) Inter, Piacenza
Gruppo Emergente (Emerging Group) Venezia/VeneziaMestre
Gruppo Erotico
(Erotic Group) Altamura, Barletta, Lucchese
Gruppo Fantasma (Ghost Group) Vicenza
Gruppo Folle (Crazy Group) Savoia
Gruppo Gallico (Gallic Group) Acireale
Gruppo Giolla
Gruppo Italia
(Italian Group) Ternana
Gruppo Lavico (Lava Group) Catania
Gruppo Lunatik
(Lunatic Group) Sciacca
Gruppo Malati (Sick People Group) Ascoli
Gruppo Monteverde
Gruppo Nardini Bassano
(possibly after the Nardini wine distilery in the city of Bassano, province of Vicenza) Vicenza
Gruppo Neuro
Gruppo Nocivo
(Harmful Group) Foggia
Gruppo NOM
Gruppo Obelix
Gruppo Ostile
(Hostile Group) Cavese
Gruppo Pompa
(Pump Group) Salernitana
Gruppo Porno
(Porn Group) Carrarese
Gruppo Quinto
(Fifth Group) Genoa
Gruppo Rasta
(Rasta Group)Ascoli
Gruppo Ritiro (Withdrawn Group) Messina
Gruppo Rock (Rock Group) Lazio
Gruppo Sconvolti (Stoner Group, see Scon Volts) Lazio
Gruppo Sfigato (Loser Group) Cagliari
Gruppo Squenc Nocerina
Gruppo Stadio (Stadium Group) Catanzaro
Gruppo Stikkio Novara
Gruppo Stonati (Out of Tune Group) Bari
Gruppo Storico (Historic Group) Cecina, Crotone, Forlì, Siracusa, Spezia, Ternana, Virtus Entella
Gruppo Stressato (Stressed Out Group) Fiorentina
Gruppo Sud (South Group) Napoli
Gruppo Supremo (Supreme Group) Milan
Gruppo TNT Benevento, Foggia, Torino
Gruppo Tritati (Chopped Group) Pescara
Gruppo Vandelli (after Giovanni Vandelli, club president in the 80s) Reggiana
Gruppo Zuffa (Fight Group) Taranto
Guardia di Ferro (Iron Guard, named after a Romanian far-right movement and political party of the 1920s-40s) Ascoli
Guidati dal Lambrusco (Guided By Lambrusco, named after a local wine) Carpi
Guerrieri (Warriors) Palermo, Reggina
Guerrieri Salerno (Salerno Warriors) Salernitana
Guerriglieri della Curva Sud (Guerrillas from the South Curve) Roma
(I) Gufi (The Owls) Hellas Verona


Halloween Frosinone, Reggina
Hang Men
Happy Club
Hard South Avellino
(German for Hate) Hellas Verona
Head Out
Alessandria, Mestre, Modena, Ternana
Head Hunters Matera
Hell Side Juve Stabia
Hell Ween
Hell White Blue
Hell’s Angels
Ancona, Bologna, Catania, Cesena, Cremonese, Empoli, Livorno, Piacenza, Reggina, Sampdoria
Hell’s Angels Ghetto
Hell’s Angels Granata
(Maroon Hell’s Angels) Torino
Hell’s Army
Milan, Sorrento
Hell’s Boys
Ascoli, Pescara
Hell’s Commandos
Hell’s Eagles
Hell’s Rebels
Hells Boys
(sic) Vicenza
Hellas Alcool
(Alcohol Hellas) Hellas Verona
Hellas Army
Hellas Verona
Hellas Bulldogs
Hellas Verona
Hellas Clan
Hellas Verona
Hellas Dynamite
Hellas Verona
Hellas Girls
Hellas Verona
Herbs Men
Heroes Foggia
Heroes Korps
Highlanders Juve Stabia, Siena
Homer Group
(as in Homer Simpson, reference to the “The Simpsons” TV show) Battipagliese 
Alessandria, Bari, Brescia, Cagliari, Casarano, Empoli, Livorno, Modena, Molfetta, Padova, Palermo, Pescara, Piacenza, Ravenna, Reggina, Taranto, Viterbese
Hooligans del bar Roma
(Hooligans from the Roma Bar) Carpi
Hooligans Forever Boys
Hooligans Kaos Pistoiese, Siena
Hooligans Teddy Boys
Hooligans Supporters Ultras Vicenza
Hooligans Warriors Foligno
HR Girls
Hurricane Cesena


I 4 Fedelissimi (I 4 Loyalists, stadium section) Hellas Verona
I Marines
Implacabili (Relentless) Ternana
Imperio Granata (Spanish for Maroon Empire) Acireale
(Empire) Fiorentina
Impero Alabardato
(Halberd Empire, a halberd being a two handed pole-weapon that appears on the club’s crest) Triestina
Impero Bianconero (White-Black Empire) Nola
Impero Ultra’ (Ultras Empire) Lecce
Incorreggibili (Incorrigible) Bari
(Unaware) Catanzaro
(Indecent) Sciacca
Indian Boys Ancona
Brescia, Carrarese, Cassino, Catania, Juventus, Montevarchi, Novara, Prato, Sassari Torres, SPAL
Indians Cento Centese
Indians Gela Gela
Indians Nola
Juve Stabia
Indians Rebels Pavia
Indians Ultras
Indifferenti (Indifferent) Perugia
Indigesti (Indigestible) Viterbese
Indipendenti (Independents) Cremonese
(Indians) Reggina
(Untameable) Foggia, Reggina
(Hell) Casertana
Inferno Giallo-Rosso (Yellow-Red Hell) Roma
Inferno Gialloblu
(Yellow-Blue Hell) Hellas Verona
Inferno Granata
(Maroon Hell) Reggiana
Inferno Bianconero
(White-Black Hell) Cesena, Juventus
Inferno Biancorosso
(White-Red Hell) Monza, Vis Pesaro
Inferno Rossoblu
(Red-Blue Hell) Sambenedettese
Inferno Rossonero
(Red-Black Hell) Foggia
Inferno Rosso-Verde
(Red-Green Hell) Ternana
(Infuriated) Reggina
(The Griffins) Perugia
(Pissed Off) Altamura, Perugia
 (Arabic for Shudder/Tremor, equivalent of Uprising/Rebellion) Atalanta, Modena, Reggina
Intifada Rosso Verde (Red Green Uprising, see above) Ternana
(Gli) Intoccabili (The Untouchables) Spezia
Irish Clan Hellas Verona, Roma, Sampdoria, SPAL, Ternana
Irish Group Ternana
Iron Boys Salernitana
Irriducibili (Unbreakable) Battipagliese, Bra, Brindisi, Carpi, Catania, Chieti, Derthona, Inter, Juventus, Lazio, Livorno, Lodigiani, Mestre, Monza, Nocerina, Reggina, Trapani
Irriducibili ’77 Lucchese
Island Collective Atalanta


Jacobins (after the French political and revolutionary movement active during the French Revolution) Perugia
Jack Daniels Group Taranto
Juventude Crociata
(Portuguese for Youth – Youth Crusade) Padova


Kamikaos Siracusa
Roma, Vadese, Vicenza
(Cannibali – Cannibals) Livorno
(Chaotics) Gela, Giarre, Lecce, Taranto
Ascoli, Avellino, Bari, Barletta, Benevento, Cecina, Fermana, Frosinone, Montevarchi, Napoli, Parma, Pro Sesto, Ravenna, Reggina, SPAL, Taranto, Ternana, Trapani, Venezia/VeneziaMestra, Vicenza
Kaos Gialloblu’
(Yellow-Blue Kaos) Modena
Kaos Group
Kaos Island
Kaos Korps
Brescia, Termoli
Kaos Nola Nola
Kanker Group
(Ducth for cancer that is slang for “fuck”, so possibly akin to Fuck Off Group) Cremonese
Kapovolta (see below) Genoa
(From “capo volti” translating Head Faces, and capovolti – Overturned) Pisa, Vicenza
Derthona, Monza, Sampdoria, SPAL, Torino
Kids Derthona Sez. The Clash
(Sez.=Sezione – Section) Derthona
Killer Eagles Cavese
Killers Orzi
Klan Taranto, Udinese
Kmer (as in Khmer Rouge, the Cambodian revolutionary regime that ruled Cambdoia in the 1970s) Milan
Kobras Pisa
Kollassati (Collassati – Collapsed) Perugia
Kollettivo Alkooliko (Alkoholic Kollective) Taranto
Konfusi (Confusi – Confused) Ternana
Kooligans Empoli
Kop Como
Korps Como, Inter, Torino, Trapani
Korps Skins Torino
Krazy Group Taranto
Krips Siracusa


La Balzana Siena
La Banda Alkoolika (Alcoholic Band) Salernitana
La Crema (The Cream) Hellas Verona
La Magia Siamo Noi Ultras
(The Magic We Are Ultras) Vicenza
Ladies Bianconere (White-Black Ladies) Siena
Ladies Biancorosse
(White-Red Ladies) Mantova
Ladies Napoli (formed by University lecturers) Napoli
Lambruskizzati (Crazy-Lambrusco) Modena
Las Vegas Nocerina
Lega Berica (League of Natives of Vicenza, as in the Berici Hills on which the city stands) Vicenza
Lega Granata (Maroon League) Torino
(The) Legion of the Hooligans SPAL
Legion Nerazzure (Black-Blue Legion) Civitavecchia
Legionari della Maratona
(Legionaries of the Marathon) Torino
Legionari Tigre
(Tiger Legionnaires) Milan
(Legion) Bologna, Inter, Livorno, Torino
Legione Alcoolica
(Alcoholic Legion) Piacenza
Legione Biancoblu
(White-Blue Brigade) Prato
Legione Brindisi (Brindisi Legion) Brindisi
Legione d’Assalto
(Assault Legion) Monza
Legione Girls
(Legion Girls) Novara
Legione Gotica
(Gothic Legion) Piacenza
Legione Granata
(Maroon Legion) Salernitana
Legione Rosanero
(Pink-Black Legion) Palermo
Legione Sudista (Southern Legion) Matera
Legione Sveva (Swabian Legion, after the Swabian region of southwestern Germany) Termoli
Legione Ultras (Ultras Legion) Novara
Leonessa Rossanera (Red-Black Lioness) Milan
Leoni (Lions) Torino
Leoni Armati (Armed Lions) Padova
Leoni Biancoscudati (White-Shielded Lions) Padova
Leoni della Maratona (Lions from the Marathon) Torino
Leoni della Nord (Lions from the North) Padova
(I) Leoni della Nord (The Lions from the North) Frosinone
(I) Leoni della Ovest
(The Lions of the West) Catanzaro
Leoni Nerazzuri
(Black-Blue Lions) Pisa
Leumann Dandies
Liberta’ Korps
(Freedom Korps) Monza
Libidine Rossoverde
(Red-Green Lust) Ternana
Linea Gotica
(Gothic Line) Rimini
Cosenza, Inter, Reggina, Salernitana, Turris
Lions Supporters
Lion’s Supporters Jesina
(Lombards, the Germanic tribe who ruled Italy in the middle ages for whom the region of Lombardy is named) Cremonese, Inter
LonsGroup (a play on popular casual brand Lonsdale) Reggina
Lords Padova
Lords Kaos Milan
Lost Boys Cosenza
Lunatici (Lunitics) Juve Stabia
Lupi (Wolves) Roma
Lupi della Sila (Wolves of the Sila, after the mountinous region of Calabria, southern Italy) Cosenza
(I) Lupi della Sud (The Wolves of the South) Lecce
LVD Padova


Mad Boys Napoli
Mad Men Cesena
Madness Group Venezia/VeneziaMestre
Maestri Comacini
(Comacine Masters after the Medival stonemasons in the Lombard/Como region of that name) Como
Magenti Livorno
Magic Group Foggia
Magico Padova (Magic Padova) Padova
Maglie Paranoica (Maglie Paranoid) Maglie
Maiali Inquinanti
(Polluting Pigs) Vicenza
(Mental Hospital) Spezia
Manicomio Biancazzurro
(White-Blue Mental Hospital) Prato
(Sick People) Bari
(Cursed) Cagliari
(Cats of Bad) Vicenza
(Evil) Casertana
(Handpiece) Padova
Marines Gialloblu’
(Yellow-Blue Marins) Hellas Verona
(Maximum) Catanzaro, Teramo
Mantova, Napoli
Mastiffs’ Supporters
Mastini (Mastiffs) Nocerina
Membrosi Clan
Menti Opache
(Opaque Minds) Casertana
Menti Perdute
(Lost Minds) Pistoiese, Ternana
Meridiano Zero
(Zero Meridian) Palermo
Metal Army
Metal Brigate (Metal Brigades) Vicenza
Metal Invasion Cesena
Metal Kaos Catanzaro
Metal Head
Metal Hurlant Pratola Serra
(French for Howling Metal Pratola Serra, after Métal Hurlant, a French science fiction/horror comics anthology from the 1970s) Avellino
Metal Militia
Milan Fans Berlin
Milano Capitale
(Milan Capital) Milan
Mine Vaganti
(Stray Mines) Ternana
(Miserables) Cagliari
Mister Hyde Pescara
Alessandria, Arezzo, Benevento, Bologna, Carpi, Cassino, Chieti, Como, Crotone, Formia, Frosinone, Jesina, Lecco, Maglie, Messina, Milan, Modena, Narnese, Padova, Perugia, Pisa, Potenza, Prato, Reggiana, Roma, Salernitana, Sambenedettese, Siena, Teramo, Ternana, Torino, Triestina
Mods Bassa Padana Piacenza
Mods Caserta Casertana
Mods Group Campobasso
Mods Rule Catanzaro
Monkeys Inter, Perugia
Monumento Ancona
Mucchio Selvaggio (Wild Bunch) Carpi
Mujaidin (Mujahideen, Arabic for jihadists) Nocerina
MUKS Rimini
Muppet Show Brescia
Mummions Salernitana
Mussi Volanti (Flying Donkeys) Chievo


Nakata Group (after Japanese club player in the 90s Hidetoshi Nakata) Perugia
Nasty Boys
Crotone, Piacenza
Nasty Girls
Natters Teramo
Navajo Eagles
(after the Navajos, a native American tribe) Catanzaro
Navajos Supporters
(see above) Cavese
NBG Girls
Pro Vercelli
New Blue Generation
New Bush Avellino
New Fans Puteolana
New Front Pro Vercelli
New Generation Avellino
New Kaos Modena
New Line Hellas Verona
New Lions Viterbese
New Rebel Generation Fiorenzuola
New Rebels Casertana
New Sconvolts Pergocrema
Nightmare Cremonese
Nirvana Group SPAL
Nobilita’ Amaranto (Amaranth Nobility, red/purple colour) Arezzo, Livorno
Nobilita’ Estense (Este Nobility, as in the historical House of Este, and referring to inhabitants of the province of Ferrara where the House of Este was based) SPAL
Nobilita’ Rossonera (Red-Black Nobility) Milan
NOCS (Nuclei Organizzati Curva Sud) (South Curve Organized Nuclei) Messina
Noise Piacenza, Ternana
Nomadi (Nomads) Atalanta
Nomadi Tresi (Tresi Nomads) SPAL
Nomads Bologna
Nord Kaos (North Kaos) Ternana, Udinese
North Boys Carrarese, Udinese
North Commandos Bologna
North Force Brescia
North Kaos Inter, Livorno
North Side Chievo, Como, Cosenza, Fermana, Padova
North Side Girls Chievo
North Viking Cremonese
Novarasta Novara
Noxious Avellino
NS Amantea Cosenza
NTO Perugia
Nuclei Azzurri (Blue Core) Siracusa
Nuclei Fumati (Smoking Core) Reggina
Nuclei Sconvolti (Stoner Core, see Scon Volts) Cosenza, Ebolitana
Nucleo (Core) Atalanta, Bari, Carpi, Fermana, Giugliano, Juve Stabia, Juventus, Napoli, Palermo, Potenza, Vigor Lamezia
Nucleo Anti-Marsica L’Aquila
Nucleo Armato Bianconero (NAB) (Armed White-Black Core) Juventus
Nucleo Capovolti (Head-Faces Core) Reggina
Nucleo della Nord (Core from the North) Padova
Nucleo Estremo (Extreme Core) Cesena
Nucleo Mods (Mods Core) Cavese
Nucleo Sconvolto (Stoner Core, see Scon Volts) Spezia
Nucleo Skonvolti (Stoner Core, see Scon Volts) Crotone
Nucleo Storico (Historical Core) Salernitana
Nucleo Tifosi Rossoneri (Red-Black Support Team) Milan
Nucleo Ultra’ ’76 (Ultras Core ’76) Triestina
Nukleo (Core) Juve Stabia, Vicenza
Nuova Generazione Amaranto (New Amaranth Generation, red/purple colour) Arezzo
Nuova Guardia (New Guard) Andria, Atalanta, Bari, Cosenza, Crotone, Foggia, Inter, Napoli, Padova, Parma, Pistoiese, Pro Vercelli, Reggina, Salernitana, Sambenedettese, Sampdoria, Trapani, Udinese
Nuova Onda (New Wave) Ancona
Nuovi Fedelissimi (New Loyal) Bari
Nuovia Guardia (New Guard) Cosenza, Imperia
Nuovo Impero (New Empire) Frosinone
Nutty Inter
Nutty Boys Bologna, SPAL


Official Smokers Bologna
Old Fans Club
Old Lions Supporters
Old Manner Torino
Oltranzisti (Extremists) Reggina
Oltre la Morte (Beyond Death) Ascoli
Ombre…di Vino (Shadows…of Wine) Vicenza
Onda Acida (Acid Wave) Casertana
Onda d’Urto (Shock Wave) Carrarese, Catania, Crotone, Fiorentina, Sambenedettese
Onda Emilia (Emilia Wave) Parma
Orange Boys Fedelissimi (Orange Boys Faithful) Pistoiese
Orange Supporters
Orda Balorda (Foolish Horde) Atalanta, Pistoiese
Orgasmo Biancorosso (White-Red Orgasm) Carpi
Orgasmo Bianconero (White-Black Orgasm) Ascoli
Orgasmo Cardato (Cardiac Orgasm) Prato
Orgasmo Gigliato (Lily Orgasm, as in the fleur-de-lis on the club’s crest) Fiorentina
Orgia Totale (Total Orgy) Pescara
Orgoglio Spezia (Spezia Pride) Spezia
Orgoglio Sudista (Southern Pride) Lecce
Orgogliosi (Proud) Ternana, Torino
Original Group Ternana
Original Fans Foggia
Opposta Fazione (Opposing Faction) Avellino, Nocerina, Roma
Original Fans Juve Stabia
Ottobre Rossonero (Red-Black October, as in Red October 1917, the Soviet revolution of Russia) Cagliari
Out Heads Pavia, Spezia
Out Mind Avellino
Outlaws Milan


PClub Rosso-Blue (Red-Blue P-Club) Gubbio
PClub Rosso-Blue Femminile (Red-Blue Female T-Club) Gubbio
Panatik EΣ (?) (Greek for Fanatical) Licata
Pantano Alkoolica (Quagmire Alcoholics) Vis Pesaro
Pantere (Panthers) Roma
Pantere Nerazzurre
(Black-Blue Panthers) Inter
Panther Boys Benevento
Panthers Atalanta, Bologna, Brescia, Cagliari, Carpi, Catania, Como, Cremonese, Fano, Fiorentina, Foggia, Gubbio, Hellas Verona, Jesina, Juventus, Mantova, Milan, Modena, Napoli, Paganese, Palermo, Parma, Perugia, Pisa, Roma, Salernitana, Ternana, Triestina, Varese, Venezia/VeneziaMestre
Panthers Front Lucchese, Padova
Panthers Girls Vicenza
Panthers Granata (Maroon Panthers) Salernitana
Panzer Trapani
Park Kaos Pescara, Ternana
Pazzi Rossazzurri (Crazy Red-Blues) Catania
Peltasti (Peltasts, after a type of ancient Greek infantryman) Milan
Peones (Peons) Padova
Persi (Lost) Matera
Pescara Rangers Pescara
Pessimi Elementi (Bad Elements) Casertana, Matera, Vicenza
PF Girls Lucchese
Pigs Vicenza Vicenza
Pila Matta (Crazy Stack) Perugia
Pink Panthers Fano
Pioneers Padova
(I) Piranha (The Piranhas) Milan
Pitt Bulls Milan
Pistols’ Cittadella Cosenza
Platoon Napoli, Vicenza
Porkis Group Ravenna
Porkys Group Padova, Sangiovannese
Point Break Salernitana
Ponente Rossonero (Red-Black West) Milan
Position Fighters Reggina
Potere Amaranto (Amaranth Power, red/purple colour) Livorno
Potere Azzurro (Blue Power) Siracusa
Potere Bianconero (White-Black Power) Udinese
Potere Crociato (Crusader Power) Parma
Potere Grigionero (Grey-Black Power) Alessandria
Potere Nerazzurro (Black-Blue Power) Inter
Potere Rossoverde (Red-Green Power) Ternana
Potere Ultra’ (Ultras Power) Rimini
Pozzoleone Alcoolica (Pozzoleone Alcoholic) Vicenza
Prepotenti (Overbearing) Perugia
Prima Line (Front Line) Matera, Padova
Primo Amore (First Love) Catania
Primo Foggia Club (First Foggia Club) Foggia
Provos (after the Provisional Irish Republican Army) Hellas Verona
Prugne Korps (Pummeling Korps, from Latin “prungimus maximus” for those who would pummel prunes) Milan
Psycho Group Taranto, Ternana
Psykorp Lucchese
Puma Milan
Punk Brigade Hellas Verona
Purgatorio (Purgatory) Torino


Qui Tifo Gialloblu (Here Yellow-Blue Tifo) Viterbese


Rabbit Busters Ternana
Rag Time Ternana
Ragazze Curva Nord
(North Curve Girls) Atalanta
Ragazze Biancorosse
(White-Red Girls) Vicenza
(Le) Ragazze della Nord Biancoscudata
(The Girls from the Red-Shielded North) Padova
(I) Ragazzi del Super Bar
(The Boys from the Super Bar) Carpi
Ragazzi della Curva A
(Boys from the A Curve) Napoli
Ragazzi della Est
(Boys from the East) Teramo
Ragazzi della Maratona
(Boys from the Marathon) Torino
(I) Ragazzi della Nord
(The Boys from the North) Campobasso, Lecce, Livorno, Padova, Piacenza
Ragazzi della Sud
(Boys from the South) Frosinone, Roma
Ragazzi dell’Infrangibile e i Fedelissimi Piacenza
(Boys from the Unbreakable Loyalty to Piacenza) Piacenza
Rams Korps
Ranger Korps
Rangers Cavese, Empoli, Fiorentina, Frosinone, Genoa, Mantova, Milan, Modena, Monza, Parma, Pisa, Pistoiese, Prato, Roma
Rasta Kaos Alessandria
Ravagers Catania
Raving Mads Treviso
Realta Femminile (Female Reality) Chieti
Rebel Army Pistoiese
Rebel Fans Cosenza
Rebel Girls Vicenza
Rebels Ancona, Ascoli, Cagliari, Catanzaro, Fano, Fiorentina, Foggia, Massese, Messina, Modena, Monopoli, Padova, Pistoiese, Pro Sesto, Reggina, Spezia, Torino, Venezia/VeneziaMestre
Rebels Deers Brindisi
Rebels Front Udinese
Rebels Group Frosinone
Rebels Korps Taranto
Rebels’s South (sic) Como
Red And White Jackals Mantova
Red And White Warriors Monza
Red Animals Ancona
Red Army Livorno
Red Black Eels Milan
Red-Black Fever Foggia
Red Black Trips Milan
Red Blue Army Genoa
Red Blue Brothers Bologna
Red Blue Eagles L’Aquila, Sambenedettese
Red Boys Ternana
Red Devils Puteolana
Red Force
Red Fox
Red Green HREH
Red Grey Supporters
Red Kaos
Red Lair
Red Skins Genoa, Molfetta, Piacenza, Roma
Red Squaw (slur for Native American woman) Anona
Red Storm Perugia
Red White Girls
Red White Panthers
Padova, Vicenza
Red White Supporters Rimini
Red White Warriors Monza
Red White Warriors Chiampo Vicenza
Red Yellow Supporters Messina
Reggio Paranoika (Polish for Paranoid Reggio) Reggina
Regime Trapani, Viterbese
Regime Aretuseo Siracusa
Regime Rossonero (Red-Black Regime) Foggia, Milan
Repoman Casertana
Resistenza Ultras (Resistance Ultras) Ternana
Ribelli (Rebels) Vicenza
Riders Torino
Rione Apaches (District Apaches) Matera
Rizla Group Taranto
Road Kids Cremonese
Robur Alcool (Alcohol Strength, Robur being part of the original name of Siena Calcio) Siena
Robur Ghibellina (Ghibelline Strength, after a 12th/13th century Italian city-state faction that supported the Holy Roman Empire vs the Guelph supported Pope) Siena
Rock Brigade Cosenza
Rockers Milan
Roma Klan Crotone
Roots Torino
Rospi Erotico (Erotic Toads) Casarano
Rot Adler (German for Red Eagle) Ascoli, Torino
Royal Eagles Milan
Rude Boys Hellas Verona, Livorno, Montevarchi, Torino, Sampdoria, Virtus Entella, Voghera
Rude Girls Sampdoria
Rude Fans Venezia/VeneziaMestre
Ruggito Amaranto (Amaranth Roar, red/purple colour) Reggina
Rusty Nails Fiore Fiorenzuola
Ruthless Juventus


Salernitana Bersagliera (Salernitana Sharpshooters) Salernitana
Sampierdarena nel Cuore
(In The Heart Sampierdarena) Genoa
Samurai Ultras
San Pietro Alcolica
(Saint Peter Alcoholic) Novara
(I) Santi Bevitori
(The Holy Drinkers) Padova
(Sbagliati – Wrong) Foggia
Sballata (Wrong) Perugia
Sballo (High) Lanciano
(Stragglers) Atalanta, Bari, Barletta, Como, Livorno, Ternana
(Wicked) Sambenedettese
Schiavi dell’Alcool
(Slaves of Alcohol) Cagliari
Sciame Selvaggio
(Wild Swarm) Palermo
(Uncomfortable) Reggiana
Scomodi Granata
(Uncomfortable Maroon) Reggiana
Scon Volts
(includes “Sconvolts”, Stoners – from Sconvolti translating to upset but slang for weed smokers) Altamura, Barletta, Benevento, Bologna, Brescia, Cagliari, Cesena, Derthona, Frosinone, Lanciano, Mantova, Matera, Milan, Modena, Pergocrema, Perugia, Piacenza, Pisa, Salernitana, Sambenedettese, Taranto, Ternana, Vicenza, Vis Pesaro
Sconvolti (Stoners, see above) Carpi, Catania, Sambenedettese
Scottish Clan
Genoa, Rimini, Spezia, Vis Pesaro
Scray’s Group Pistoiese
Screaming Girls
(Followers) Napoli
Sempre Al Ba
r (SAB) (Always At Bar, a group that would hang their banner upside-down on away days if the bar in the stadium was closed) Monza
Sendero Luminoso
(Spanish for Shining Path, after the Communist Party of Peru’s nickname) Ternana
Sensazione Unica
(Unique Feeling) Cagliari
(Beautiful Seven) Fiorentina
Settembre Bianconero
(White-Black September, after the Palestinian terrorist group Black September who carried out the Munich 72 Olympics hostage massacre) Ascoli
Settembre Rossonero (Red-Black September, see above) Milan
Seven Up Carpi
Settore Rigido (Rigid Sector) Crotone
Sewers Messina
Sez. 22 Aprile (Section 22 April) Livorno
Sezione (Section) Modena
Sezione Amaranto Arezzo Ovest (Amaranth Arezzo Section West, red/purple colour) Arezzo
Sharks Crotone
Shining (after horror film The Shining) Inter
Shining Group (see above) Ternana
Siamo Belli Come il Sole (We Are Beautiful Like The Sun) Milan
Side Kaos Cavese
Sieg (German for Hail) Frosinone
Sieg Heil (German for Hail Victory) Ascoli, Varese
Signoria (Lordship) Fiorentina
Simpson Group (reference to “The Simpsons” TV show) Salernitana
Sioux Milan, Roma, Teramo, Ternana
Sioux Boys Ascoli
Siracusa Superstars Siracusa
Sirakaos Siracusa
SK8 Modena
Ska Cesena
Skates Crew Modena
Skegge Mantova
Skiantos (after an Italian comedy-punk band from the 1970s) Hellas Verona
Skiantos Group (see above) Cesena
Skin Heads (includes “Skinheads”) Bologna, Genoa, Lecce, Nocerina, Novara, Padova, Pavia, Pisa, Pro Patria, Spezia, Torino
Skins Bologna, Cesena, Chieti, Cosenza, Genoa, Inter, Prato, Sampdoria, Sora, Termoli, Turris
Skizzati (Crazies, as in “Skitzos”) Casertana, Milan, Napoli, Sora, Padova, Turris
Skonvolt Heads (Stoner Heads, see Sconvolts) Juve Stabia
Skunkati (Skunks, possibly as in skunk cannabis) Milan
Slappers Ternana
Slaves Foggia
Smoked Heads Campobasso
Smoking Drug Ternana
SmokinGroup Cesana
(The) Snakes Inter
Sola Group (One Group) Modena
Solo Crotone (Only Crotone) Crotone
Sostenitori (Supporters) Teramo
Sostenitori Azzurri (Blue Supporters) Napoli
South Boys Lecce, Napoli, Palermo
South Commandos Reggiana
South East Padova
South Force Benevento
South Force Ultra’ Reggio Reggina
South Kaos Casertana, Milazzo
South Landers Siracusa
South Lions Siracusa
South Rasta Siracusa
South Rebel Cosenza
South Warriors Battipagliese, Nocerina
South Winners Acireale
Southern Barletta
Southern Boys Casertana
Southern Pride Reggina
Southerns Catanzaro, Reggiana
Sparuta Presenza (Sparuta Presence) Piacenza
Special Group Nocerina
Spezia Fans Spezia
Spider Cesena
Spiders Avellino
Splatter Group Avellino
SPQR Lazio, Potenza, Roma
SPQR Front Lodigiani
SPQS Nocera Nocerina
Squadre d’Azione Biancorosse (White-Red Action Teams) Vicenza
Squadre d’Azione Granata (SAG) (Maroon Action Teams) Reggiana, Torino
Squadraccia (Squad) Milan
Stalinist Army (after 1920s-50s Soviet leader Joseph Stalin) Livorno
Stampo Italiano (Italian Mold) Bari
Stars Milan
Stati Confusionari (Confusing States) Monopoli
Station Boys Avellino
Stato D’Ebbrezza (State of Intoxication) Gubbio
Stella Granata (Maroon Star) Reggiana
Stoned Atalanta, Fiorentina, Poggibonsi, Salernitana, Spezia
Stoned Again Pergocrema, Siena, SPAL
Stra’ Alcool (Street Alcohol, see below) SPAL
Stra’ Kaos (as in Strada meaning Street, Street Kaos) Ascoli, Carpi, Como, Empoli, Foggia, Modena, Poggibonsi, Potenza
Strambati (Taunters) Reggina
Strange Jackets Ternana
Strange People Acireale
Straffat (Swedish for Punished) Milan
Street Urchins Paganese
Sturm und Drang (German for Storm and Desire/Stress) Fano, Hellas Verona
Sturm Truppen (German for Storm Troops) Centese, Como, Lucchese, Perugia, Siena
Suburban Boys Matera
Sun Group Reggina
Sunday Bloody Sunday (referecing a U2 song about the British Army massacre of civilians in Derry, Ireland, in 1972, and the day league games are played) Nocerina
Superstars Juventus
Superstars Granata (Maroon Superstars) Torino
Supporters Alessandria, Atalanta, Battipagliese, Bologna, Brescia, Cecina, Centese, Cesena, Fiorentina, Hellas Verona, Livorno, Lucchese, Mantova, Milan, Modena, Monopoli, Padova, Parma, Poggibonsi, Ravenna, Reggina, Salernitana, Savona, SPAL, Ternana, Trapani, Udinese
Supporters Bassa Friulana Udinese
Supporters Rossoblu (Red-Blue Supporters) Montevarchi
Svitati (Screw Loose) Pisa
Swarm Palermo
Swarm Supporter Stabia Juve Stabia
Swing Kids Nocerina
Swing Out Group Ascoli


TapaΣ Posse (Greek for Corkscrew Posse) Taranto
Tartan Army
Hellas Verona, Vicenza
Tartan Crew
Teddy Boys
Barletta, Catania, Cesena, Crotone, Napoli, Perugia, Pisa, Pistoiese, Salernitana, Triestina, Udinese
Teddy Swarm
Juve Stabia
Teenager Korps
Bari, Brindisi
Teramo Comanda (Teramo Commands) Teramo
Terrore Amaranto
(Amaranth Terror, red/purple colour) Livorno
(Skull) Palermo
(Stubborn) Ternana
Testaccio Roma
Teste Calde
(Hot Heads) Inter
Teste di Marmo
(Marble Heads) Carrarese
Teste Matte
(Dull Heads, slang for weed smokers) Atalanta, Battipagliese, Benevento, Catanzaro, Centese, Como, Ischia, Napoli, Nola, Paganese, Reggina, Siena, SPAL, Taranto, Ternana, Viareggio, Vittoria, Voghera
Teste Rasate
(Shaved Heads) Palermo
(as in the psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis) Cesena
Catania, Cesena, Padova
Thunders Boys Frosinone
(Cheering Friends) Taranto
Cesena, Hellas Verona, Milan
Tigers Boys
Tilt Carpi
Tipi Strani (Strange Types) Fiorentina, Modena
Tipsy Group Catanzaro
Tizzi (Embers) Reggina
TNT Foggia
TNT Group Noventa Vicentina Vicenza
Toasters SPAL
Torcida (Portuguese for Crowd) Milan, Novara, Torino
Torcida Granata (Maroon Crowd, see above) Reggiana, Torino
Torcida Ischia (Ischia Crowd, see above) Ischia
Torcida Rossonera (Red-Black Crowd, see above) Milan
Total Chaos Bologna, Juve Stabia, Ternana
Total Kaos Acireale, Carrarese, Monopoli, Padova
Toten Kops (German for Kill Cops) Cremonese
Tranquil Group Mantova
Trash Avellino
Tradizione Distinzione (Tradition of Distinction) Roma
Tradizione Palermo (Palermo Tradition) Palermo
Tribu’ Alcolica (Alcoholic Tribe) Livorno
Trips Livorno, Padova
Trojan Skins Genoa
Tumulten Brigade (German for Riot Brigade) Piacenza
Tupac Amaru Ultras (after an 18th century Preuvian revolutionary who led an uprising against Spanish rule) Juve Stabia
Twin Peaks Torino


Uber Alles (German for Above All) Frosinone
Ultra’ Acireale Acireale
Ultra’ Amaranto Vittoria
Ultra’ Arzanese Arzanese
Ultra’ Carrara Carrarese
Ultra’ Casarano Casarano
Ultra’ Cava
Ultra’ Cerignola Cerignola
Ultra’ Chieti Chieti
Ultra’ Covo Reggina
(Ultras Den Reggina) Reggina
Ultra’ Eboli Ebolitana
Ultra’ Fiore
Ultra’ Foligno Foligno
Ultra’ Frosinone Gruppo Cavoni Frosinone
Ultra’ Giglio
(Lily Ultras) Montevarchi
Ultra’ Girls
Cagliari, Napoli
Ultra’ Granata
(Maroon Ultras) Cittadella
Ultra’ Gubbio
Ultra’ Ischia Ischia
Ultra’ Lecce Lecce
Ultra’ Lodigiani Lodigiani
Ultra’ Massa
Ultra’ Matera Matera
Ultra’ Napoli
Ultra’ Nola
Ultra’ Potenza
Ultra’ Roma
Ultra’ Savoia Savoia
Ultra’ Selciati
(Pavements Ultras) Ascoli
Ultra’ Shanghai
Ultra’ Siracusa
Ultra’ Ternana
Ultra’ Turris Turris
Ultras Arezzo, Atalanta, Bari, Bologna, Brindisi, Campobasso, Carpi, Carrarese, Catanzaro, Centese, Cerignola, Chieti, Como, Crotone, Fanfulla, Formia, Frosinone, Grosseto, Hellas Verona, Inter, Juve Stabia, Latina, Livorno, Lucchese, Mantova, Manopoli, Matera, Milan, Modena, Monopoli, Monza, Napoli, Novara, Ostia, Padova, Paganese, Palermo, Parma, Perugia, Pescara, Pisa, Potenza, Prato, Pro Vercelli, Ravenna, Reggiana, Salernitana, Sambenedettese, Sampdoria, Sassari Torres, Savona, Siena, Siracusa, SPAL, Spezia, Taranto, Ternana, Udinese, Vadese, Varese, Vicenza
Ultras 74 Brindisi
Ultras 90 Messina
Ultras Ancona Ancona
Ultras Azione d’Assalto
(Assault Action Ultras) Spezia
Ultras Azzurri
(Blue Ultras) Siracusa
Ultras bar Nettuno
(Ultras of Neptune Bar) Salernitana
Ultras Biancoscudati
(White-Shielded Ultras) Padova
Ultras Brescia Brescia
Ultras Buckingham
Ultras Casette
Ultras Cagliari Curva Nord
(North Curve Cagliari Ultras) Cagliari
Ultras Cattolica
(Catholic Ultras) Gualdo
Ultras Ceci Cecina
Ultras Cesena Cesena
Ultras Curva Est (East Curve Ultras) Teramo
Ultras Curva Nord
(North Curve Ultras) Bari, Cosenza
Ultras Falange (Ultras Phalanx) Palermo
Ultras Fano Fano
Ultras Fighters Siena, Viareggio
Ultras FOCE Sampdoria
Ultras Forever Ternana
Ultras Fossa (Ultras Lair) Livorno
Ultras Gebbione Reggina
Ultras Ghetto Catania, Salernitana, Siracusa
Ultras Giarre Giarre
Ultras Girls Bari, Ternana
Ultras Grigi (Grey Ultras) Alessandria
Ultras Granata (Maroon Ultras) Reggiana, Torino
Ultras Jesi Jesina
Ultras Liberi (Free Ultras) Crotone
Ultras Liguria Torino
Ultras Licata Licata
Ultras Magenta Livorno
Ultras Manto Mantova
Ultras MFC 1912 Modena
Ultras Monte Montevarchi
Ultras Monteverde Roma
Ultras Passamano Nocerina
Ultras Pistoia Pistoiese
Ultras Plaitano (after Giuseppe Plaitano, a supporter who was shot dead by police during a riot in 1963) Salernitana
Ultras Pregiato (Fine Ultras) Cavese
Ultras Rasta Maglie
Ultras Ravenna Ravenna
Ultras Real (Spanish for Royal Ultras, after the local Bar Reali) Salernitana
Ultras Rimini Rimini
Ultras S.Vito Lucchese
Ultras Saxolum (after a Roman fortification that it is thought to have evolved into the town of Sassuolo) Sassuolo
Ultras Spezia Spezia
Ultras Stabia Juve Stabia
Ultras Termoli Termoli
Ultras Tito Cucchiaroni (after a famous club player from the 60s) Sampdoria
Ultras Treviso Treviso
Ultras Trento Trento
Ultras Trieste Triestina
Ultras Unione (Union Ultras, after the merger of the clubs of Venzia and Mestre) Venezia/VeneziaMestre
Ultras Viola (Violet Ultras) Fiorentina
Ultras Vis Boys Vis Pesaro
Ultras Voghera Voghera
Unidos Ternana
Unione (Union) Fiorentina, Parma
United Force Chieti
United Kaos Venezia/VeneziaMestre
Untouchables Teramo, Salernitana
Upset Minds Salernitana, Turris
Uragano (Hurricane) Cesena, Messina
Uragano Club (Hurricane Club) Pescara
Uragano Granata (Maroon Hurricane) Puteolana, Salernitana
URB Girls Bologna


V’Kollona (after a group of World War 2 era Nazi spies) Torino
(Vaffanculo Club – Fuck Club) Vicenza
Vagabonds Pulsano
(Vampires) Benevento
Varese Front Varese
Vecchi Fedayn
(Old Fedayn, see Fedayn) Juve Stabia
Vecchi Lions (Old Lions) Napoli
Vecchi Orsi
(Old Bears) Genoa
Vecchi Tempi
(Old Times) Vultur Rionero
Vecchi Ultra’
(Old Ultras) Venezia/VeneziaMestre
Vecchia Fossa
(Old Lair) Livorno, Narnese
Vecchia Guardia
(Old Guard) Alessandria, Ancona, Arezzo, Atalanta, Bari, Brescia, Brindisi, Cagliari, Catanzaro, Cecina, Cremonese, Como, Empoli, Fermana, Fiorentina, Hellas Verona, Imperia, Inter, Juve Stabia, Juventus, Lazio, Lecce, Massese, Mantova, Milan, Modena, Molfetta, Napoli, Nocerina, Palermo, Pavia, Pergocrema, Perugia, Poggibonsi, Potenza, Prato, Reggiana, Reggina, Roma, Sampdoria, Sciacca, Siracusa, SPAL, Udinese, Venezia/VeneziaMestre, Vicenza, Vis Pesaro, Voghera
Vecchia Guardia Cuore Biacoceleste (Old Guard White-Lightblue Heart) Pro Sesto
Vecchia Linea
(Old Line) Cagliari
Vecchia Macchia
(Old Stain) Jesina
Vecchia Nord (Old Nord) Imperia
Vecchia Brigate
(Old Brigades) Modena
Vecchie Facce
(Old Faces) Cagliari
Vecchio BAWS (Black and White Supporters) Udinese
Vecchio CUCS
(Old South Curve Commando Ultras) Barletta, Benevento, Lanciano, Roma
Vecchio CUCN
(Old North Curve Commando Ultras) Reggina
Vecchio Cuore
(Old Heart) Torino
Vecchio Cuore Azzurro
(Old Blue Heart) Siracusa
Vecchio Freak
(Old Freak) Ternana
Vecchio Fronte
(Old Front) Sambenedettese
Vecchio Joker
(Old Joker) Cremonese
Vecchio Nucleo Foligno
Vecchio Settore
(Old Sector) Cagliari
Vecchio Ultra ’77 (Old Ultras ’77) Viterbese
Vedano Erotika Delirio Biancorosso (See Erotic Red-White Delirium) Monza
Venceremos (Spanish for Overcome) Juventus, Perugia, Vicenza
Vercelli Front
Pro Vercelli
Verona Front
Hellas Verona
Verona Stressata
(Stressed Verona) Hellas Verona
Vespa Matte
(Crazy Wasp) Juve Stabia
Veterani Lazio
Via Isonzo Kapovolta
(Isonza Street Headfaces, see “Kapovolti”) Genoa
Viagra Group
Vicenza Superstar
(after a historic library in Florence) Fiorentina
Lodigiani, Padova, Vicenza
Arezzo, Ascoli, Avellino, Bari, Benevento, Brescia, Catanzaro, Cavese, Cesena, Chieti, Fano, Inter, Ischia, Juventus, Lazio, Lecco, Mantova, Modena, Narnese, Nola, Parma, Perugia, Piacenza, Pro Sesto, Puteolana, Ravenna, Reggina, Sampdoria, Torino, Varese, Vicenza, Viterbese, Voghera
Viking Brixia
(Viking Brescia) Brescia
Viking Granata
(Maroon Viking) Salernitana, Torino
Viking Guerrieri
(Viking Warriors) Salernitana
Viking Kaos
Viking Korps Bologna, Matera
Viking Infrangibile (Unbreakable Viking) Piacenza
Viking Supporters Cagliari
Vikings Empoli
Vikyng Ancona
Villaggio Gialloblu’ (Yellow-Blue Village) Hellas Verona
Viola Club (Violet Club) Fiorentina
Viola Korps (Violet Korps) Fiorentina
Violent Boys Modena
Violent Race Battipagliese
Virgilian’s Girls Mantova
Virgilian Kaos Mantova
(The) Virus Reggiana
Vomito Allegro (Cheerful Vomit) Trento
Vultur Fans Vultur Rionero


W.B.S. Pavia
Wallace Clan (after William Wallace of Scotland) Fermana
Wanderers (includes “The Wanderers”) Cavese, Genoa, L’Aquila, Modena, Pisa
War Eagles
(includes “The Warriors”) Ancona, Barletta, Bologna, Brescia, Catania, Foggia, Gualdo, Gubbio, Hellas Verona, Livorno, Milan, Napoli, Padova, Palermo, Pisa, Prato, Pro Sesto, Reggina, Salernitana, Sambenedettese, Siracusa, Vicenza, Vittoria
(The) Warrior Blue-Reds Casertana
Warriors Supporers Ascoli
Warriors Ultras Palermo
Weiss Brigaden (German for White-Brigade) Pro Vercelli
Weisschwarz Brigaden (German for White-Black Brigade) Cesena
Weisschrot Brigaden (German for White-Red Brigade) Vastese
Welt Schmerz (German for World Pain) Cagliari
White Boys Vis Pesaro
White Demons Spezia
White Furies Spezia
White Lions Pro Vercelli
White Power Olbia
White Riot Pro Vercelli
White Side Padova
White Warrios Savoia
Wild Boars Torino
Wild Boys Pergocrema, Viareggio
Wild Cats Vicenza
Wild Clan Milan
Wild Demons Parma
Wild Dogs Carpi
Wild Eagles Ascoli, Catanzaro, Piacenza, Rondinella
Wild Girls Cesena
Wild Group Matera, Salernitana, Ternana
Wild Kaos Andria, Atalanta, Avezzano, Casertana, Montevarchi, Monza, Paganese, Prato, Reggina, Spezia, Taranto, Voghera
Wild Metal Battipagliese
Wild Spirits Ternana
(The) Wild Strikers Mantova
Wilker Atalanta
Wizards Benevento
Wolves Sciacca
(The) Wolves M.D. Ponte Gubbio
Wolves Supporters Campobasso, Lecce


XXI Aprile 753 a.C (21st April 753 BCE, legendary date of the founding of Rome) Roma
XXII Aprile (47 April) Modena


Yankee Cagliari
Yellow Blue Lions
Juve Stabia
Young Eagles Cavese
Young Executors Avellino
Young Supporters Cagliari
Young Warriors Catanzaro


Zanzaro Korps (Mosquito Korps) Padova
(Gypsies) Torino
Zona Boys
(Zone Boys) Pescara
Zona Duomo
(Cathedral Zone) Vicenza
Zona Nera
(Black Zone) Inter
Zona Sballo
(Buzz Zone) Turris
Zone VII
(Zone 7) Torino
Novara, Padova



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