Templates of Doom #2: Adidas Equipment V1 – European Clubs (Part 3)

Part 1:
Overview; Clubs from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Rep., Denmark, England, Finland, France.

Part 2:
Clubs from Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal.

Part 3, below:
Clubs from Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Yugoslavia; Bonus.


Oțelul Galați:

ASC Oțelul Galați, 1994:

ASC Oțelul Galați vs FC Rapid București, Divizia A, 1995-96:


Spartak Moscow:

FC Spartak Moscow vs Liverpool, Cup Winners’ Cup second round-2nd leg, 21/10/1992:

Liverpool vs FC Spartak Moscow away,, Cup Winners’ Cup second round-2nd leg, 04/11/1992:

FC Spartak Moscow, vs Royal Antwerp FC, Cup Winner’s Cup semi-final-1st leg, 07/04/1993:

Lech Poznań vs FC Spartak Moscow v2, Champions League second round-1st leg, 20/10/1993:

FC Spartak Moscow v2, vs Lech Poznań, Champions League second round-2nd leg, 03/11/1993:

Dinamo Kiev vs FC Spartak Moscow v3,, Champions League group stage, 14/09/1994:

FC Spartak Moscow v3 vs Paris Saint-Germain, Champions League group stage, 28/09/1994:

FC Spartak Moscow v3 vs FC Bayern Munich, Champions League group stage, 19/10/1994:

Paris Saint-Germain vs FC Spartak Moscow v2, Champions League group stage, 07/12/1994:


Chemlon Humenné:

FC Chemlon Humenné vs 1. FC Košice, 1. Liga, 1995-96:

FC Chemlon Humenné vs Levice, 1. Liga, 1995-96:

Slovan Bratislava:

ŠK Slovan Bratisla vs Slavia Prague, Czechoslovak First League, 11/10/1992:

Inter Bratislava vs ŠK Slovan Bratislava, Czechoslovak First League, 09/05/1993:


UE Lleida:

UE Lleida vs CD Badajoz, Segunda División, 05/06/1993:

Compostela vs UE Lleida away? (red), Segunda División 12/06/1993:

Real Zaragoza:

Real Zaragoza, Primera División, 1992-93:

Real Zaragoza away, Primera División, 1992-93:



Dagerfors IF Euro kit vs Parma AC, Cup Winners’ Cup first round-1st leg, 19/09/1993:

Dagerfors IF vs IFK Hässleholm, promotion/relegation play-off, 30/10/1993:


Lech Poznan vs IFK Göteborg away Euro kit, Champions League second round-2nd leg, 04/10/1992:

FC Porto vs IFK Göteborg away Euro kit, Champions League group stage, 21/04/1993:


IFK Hässleholm each player in the starting XI with a different shirt sponsor vs Dagerfors IF, promotion/relegation play-off, 30/10/1993:


FC Basel:

FC Basel vs Grasshopper Club, Nationalliga B – promotion/relegation phase, 24/03/1993:

FC Luzern vs FC Basel, Nationalliga B – promotion/relegation phase, 08/05/1993:

FC Basel vs Lussane Sport, Swiss Cup fourth round, 06/11/1993:

FC Basel, 1994:

FC Basel, 1994:

FC Luzern vs FC Basel v2, Nationalliga A, 08/04/1995:

Étoile Carouge:

Étoile Carouge FC, Nationalliga B, 1993:

FC St. Gallen:

FC Basel vs FC St. Gallen, Nationalliga A, 1994:

FC St. Gallen away, circa 1992-94:

FC St. Gallen v2, Nationalliga A 1995-96:

FC Sion:

Olympique de Marseille vs FC Sion, UEFA Cup, second round-2nd leg, 1/11/1994:

FC Sion away, cup shirt with details in shoulder bar, vs Servette FC, Swiss Cup final, 19/05/1996:



Galatasaray vs Bursaspor, 1.Lig, 17/10/1992:

Bursaspor vs Fenerbahçe, 1.Lig, 04/03/1993:


Kayserispor away vs Fenerbahçe, 1.Lig, 20/12/1992:

Kayserispor away, 1.Lig, 1993/94:


FK Obilić:

FK Obilić, Second League of FR Yugoslavia, 1993/94:

Red Star Belgrade vs FK Obilić, FR Yugoslavia Cup second round, 1993/94:

Bonus: Non-Adidas shirts from around the world which might have been inspired by Equipment:

Club Atlético Platense, Argentina, 1993:

Gaziantepspor, Turkey, 1992-93:

Konyaspor, Turkey, 1992-93:

Slavoj Poľnohospodár Trebišov, Slovakia, 1993-94:

Al-Wahda SC, Syria, circa 1993:

Tiligul Tiraspol, Moldova, 1993-94:

Tiligul Tiraspol, Moldova, 1993-94:

Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito, Ecuador, 1993:

PAS Tehran FC, Iran, circa 1993:


Click here for Part 1 or here for Part 2.



  1. […] Click here for the first instalment of Templates of Doom, which looked at every country which wore the Adidas Equipment template. Since even we don’t have the time to check every club in the world, for this club edition we’ve restricted it to Europe but as you’ll see there’s still quite a lot. Therefore, like last time, we’ve had to break this up into three parts, listing the clubs by order of country. Click here for Part 2 or here for Part 3. […]


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