Aesthetically Pleasing Moments From Video Game Football History #18

Click here for all in the APMFVGFH series. Credit to the original YouTube gamers/uploaders of the videos: Giammarcuzzu89, MTZ Plays, Gesse Silva and Edgar Gonzales.

This time we’re looking at the results of some fun cheats and glitches for Konami’s International Superstar Soccer Deluxe for the SNES in 1995. Of course as everybody knows, this game and its predecessor were the forerunners to the Pro Evolution Soccer series and was called Winning Eleven in Japan. First some scenes from the intro, and click on the first link above for the excellent theme music also:

Delightfully, this intro includes an image of ultras with pyro which is quite reminiscent of the “Boys San” Inter ultras image used in the Super Formation Soccer 95: della Serie A that we looked at in the last instalment:

On to the in-game menus and there are some nice team photos and interesting flags for the all-star teams:

The stadium select screen gives a preview of the grass pattern which is also great:

Pre-match, we get a nice look at the vast crowd of virtual supporters which is always appreciated:

Now to the match and you may be wondering “where the cheats at?”. Well, introducing the world’s most adorable referee:

That’s right, ISSD has one of the best features ever in a football video game as you can enter a code to turn the ref into a dog who’ll obediently follow the action:

During the match, the gamer is surely constantly relaxed as the doggy intermittently bounds into view:

In this case, the ref-dog comes and sits by/on an injured player to comfort him:

Who’s a good ref!:

In a more regular scene, some celebrating and that beautiful grass pattern:

After the 90 mins, the stats screen shows a moody sky of black clouds which syncs up with the rain seen earlier:

Penalty shoot-out:

Moving to a different video, here a glitch has been enabled to allow some very unusual play. This goalkeeper freely runs out of bounds with the ball before finally putting in the net:

Next, several defenders stand and watch in awe as an attacker literally runs rings around them:

After scoring, the player then proceeds to run around with the ball while his joyful teammates follow:

No glitch this time, just appreciating those old school substitution boards:

But now, quite oddly, a corner kick is taken from the side of the pitch where the flag has been moved to, and even more disturbingly part of the goal-frame is now close to the edge of the area and the ‘keeper is allowed handle the ball outside the box:

No matter, a goal is still somehow scored resulting in this passionate and pleasurable embrace:

Finally, we see the score at the end of a standard, hard-fought win:


YouTube links: see intro


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