Retro Shirt Reviews #19

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  • Club: UHC Biel-Seeland, Switzerland
  • Year: circa 1986
  • Make: Adidas
  • Sponsor: Tavapan
  • Number: 2
  • Similarly worn by: Luxembourg, 1986

First off, this is the same template as seen in Retro Shirt Reviews #9 with one our two “Tischler” jerseys. But now we have this amazing 80s Adidas design in short-sleeves and with the blue and white of the previous one reversed (in royal blue rather than sky blue also):

The club, as you’ll see from the back, is UHC Biel-Seeland of Switzerland, but when you Google them today all that comes up is a hockey club of the exact same name founded in 1996. Oddly for a club side, although maybe not unusual for Swiss clubs, a front number appears above the beautifully retro sponsor of Tavapan who still exist and deal in wooden boards and frame extensions:

The Adidas trefoil is again, like the Tischler one, that early 80s version with the “slits” continuing through the upper of the middle, horizontal bars:

Of course, even though you know they’re there, we need a cursory look at the sleeve-stripes:

Turning over to the back, we see the real glory of this shirt. As mentioned, we have the club name, and sponsor again at the bottom, but with a number font which is again a Swiss special style in an excellent choice of red to make it pop:

Combined it is a striking combination:

Seemingly only the Swiss were allowed use the trefoil within the number here as we haven’t seen the style anywhere else:

Lastly, looking at the collar, proof if any was needed that this is indeed from the 80s as we see the classic “Made in West Germany” that we know and love:


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