POTPFACTS #31 – #60

It’s another batch of facts originally posted on the POTP Instagram page (including the captions from on there underneath each), click here for all instalments.

POTPCFACTS #31. Following the booing, Belle and the Devotions finished a disappointing 6th having received no 12 points. Remember to click the link in our bio to see all 30 previous POTP facts in one place on PyroOnThePitch.com.
POTPFACTS #32 – Really all this shows how good they have been (game wasn’t actually at Wembley as stated above)
POTPFACTS #33 all about Obafemi Martins this week (obviously all thanks to Wikipedia).
POTPFACTS #34. The Caymans sadly ended up losing the two-legged tie with the Cubans 4-0 on agg. to end their World Cup adventure.
POTPFACTS #35 – The Sunday of Miracles. Extra: While there were allegations against Legia and ŁKS’ first games of the 92-93 season too, the match fixing was never proven, but in 2021 a Wisła player from that year, Grzegorz Szeliga, “admitted selling a match with Legia”.
POTPFACTS #36 on the Ciudad de México Cup and Azteca 2000 tournaments, all games of course held in Estadio Azteca.
POTPFACTS #37 – Yes the demonym for San Marino is Sammarinese, yes we also just learned that now, and yes we had to look up the word for demonym. Bonini represented San Marino 19 times until his international retirement in 1995 (two years after the end of his club career) and went on to manage them also from 96 to 98.
POTPFACTS #38 – The English origins of Sparta Rotterdam’s kit choice, which famously appears within their crest too.
POTPFACTS #39 on Lyngby BK, some of who’s supporters also have a link with Waterford FC.
POTPFACTS #40 – The arrest of Roy Lassiter. There was also a conflicting report that Roy handed himself in according to his agent, but was “picked up” on the streets of Raleigh according to the Raleigh police Lt.
POTPFACTS #41 – Incidentally, the red cross on a white background that appears on the crest of Genoa, Milan and Bologna is not an English flag but IS a St. George’s Cross. Genoa had first adopted it in the 7th Century as the Byzantine St. George was their patron saint and it would go on to the standard of the Republic of Genoa from the 11th century, which inspired the anti-imperial communes of Milan and Bologna to also use it from the 12th century onwards, as well the crusading English also in the 12th century.
POTPFACTS #42 on domestic football in England during World War 2.
PYROFACTS #43 – The unknowingly lethal match in question was nearly definitely the Spain vs Hungary friendly taking place that day at Estadio José Rico Pérez, Alicante.
POTPFACTS #44 on the first Irish internationals born in each British country. Interestingly two of these would end up back in their parents’ homeland at the same club, Waterford FC: Brennan as a player from 1970 to 74 winning two league titles, and Sheedy briefly as a manager in 2021, who also is the only Welsh-born Irish international to date.
POTPFACTS #45 on a little known Cold War-era football facet involving two non-democracies. Information first discussed in a “Politics On The Pitch” post on PyroOnThePitch.com.
POTPFACTS #46 – A fact which arises in an upcoming article on PyroOnThePitch.com, and while Chris’s views have obviously become more moderate over the years as he is now a member of Labour party, it is no wonder than someone like him from such a background would be driven to “fringe politics” in a time of such racism against both groups.
POTPFACTS #47: It would be remiss not to also mention that he was alleged to have made a series of racist remarks at a charity function in 2004 (list of clubs above should also include Liverpool).
POTPFACTS #48 – Interestingly, Paris FC, currently back in Ligue 2, recently began receiving investment from the Kingdom Bahrain, neighbours of PSG’s owners Qatar.
POTPFACTS #49 on “Sheffield’s Republicans”, ironically EBRA put their name on a huge Union Jack for a group banner, United Republics of Great Britain and Ireland anybody?? But these sort of names being used at the time of The Troubles can be more looked upon as similar to punks wearing Nazi swastikas around the same period.
POTPFACT #50 on Raith Rovers. Note, we haven’t read any of these novels nor seen the film of the latter.
POTPFACTS #51 on the Finnish origins of the most famous branding in football. Discovered via an article last week about Adidas’ failed court case in trying to stop a fashion designer’s four stripe design.
(EDIT: Should say WWII) POTPFACTs #52 on Vojvodina’s interesting football history, with the initial fact discovered through Jonathan Wilson’s “The Names Heard Long Ago” which we highlighted last year and which sent us down this rabbit hole.
POTPFACTS #53 on a stadium we’ve been to many times, with Derry City FC of course having moved to the League of Ireland in 1985 after leaving Northern Ireland’s “Irish League” in 1972, when the British authorities had ruled the Brandywell unsafe due to the large Irish Republican community around it. If anyone knows of any similar cases of grounds around Europe, do let us know.
POTPFACTS #54: Click the link in bio for the mentioned new “Football Special Report #20” article on PyroOnThePitch.com, with Tom Farquharson here one of the earliest entries and includes the origin of that surname, plus a lot more on a lot more players. Not mentioned is that fact that Tom also won an FA Cup with the Bluebirds in in 1927, in addition to four Welsh Cups, and captained the Irish Free State to a fine 1-1 draw away to Spain in Barcelona in 1931 including saving a penalty (a game he had turned down the IFA to play in).
POTPFACTS#55 again like last week using information from the “History of Irish Internationals Who Could Have Declared For Somebody Else” Football Special Report #20 on PyroOnThePitch.com (obviously written better than this and with more detail in the actual piece). Similarly, Ray’s fellow-Scottish born Irish international Tommy Coyne was the first Motherwell player to appear at a World Cup finals (also discussed in the piece).
POTPFACTS #56, with Avenir Beggan’s pixie-featuring crest worth looking up as well, and the cancelled games against Enosis Paralimni will be part of a theme in another upcoming new piece on PyroOnThePitch.com.
POTPFACTS #57 on a random but noteworthy season in Norwegian football, with the Main League renamed the “1. divisjon” the season after this.
POTPFACTS #58 on the background of Best, with the mentioned institutions somewhat opposed in ethos to the backgrounds of the mentioned clubs and lifestyle.
POTPFACTs #59 on a slightly less controversial topic than last week, and as getting near #60 nearly time for another collection post of these on PyroOnThePitch.com (as the first one came after #30). Empire Stadium was also renamed simply “The Stadium” around this period.
POTPFACTS #60 with another one inspired by stuff learned in Jonathan Wilson’s “The Names Heard Long Ago”.


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