Supporter Snap Back #8: Real Oviedo vs Genoa, UEFA Cup 1991/92, First Round – 1st+2nd Legs

Click here for all available episodes in this series for collecting fan actions, besides pyro on the pitch (even though there is pyro on the pitch in this one) and pitch invasions (and there is actually a pitch invasion too).

Match File 1:

  • Real Oviedo vs Genoa
  • UEFA Cup 1991/92
  • First Round-1st Leg
  •  19/09/1991
  •  Estadio Carlos Tartiere (Oviedo)
  •   23,000 spectators

It’s a Genoese invasion of Spain and the sold out Estadio Carlos Tartiere, for the pick of UEFA Cup 91/92 first round ties…:

…as, for home and away fans alike, it’s one the biggest nights in their club’s histories: both Oviedo and Genoa’s first ever European match:

The game kicks-off under a cloud of smoke from each set of fans’ pyro:

To the right (appropriately) is the home end, adorned by banners of ultras groups such as the hard-right Colectivo Azul and Brigadas Azules…:

…and Beer Boys:

As visible above, several celtic-crosses are present representing the right-wing fans…:

…as well as a Nazi war flag with swastika, which was a regular fixture on the curva:

Oviedo is one support-base that we didn’t get to mention in our recent “Politics, History and Religion on the Terraces” post, so it’s good to cover them now. The main thing here though is how “hilarious” it is for a swastika to be repeatedly popping up in the background of an official UEFA broadcast (for the entire game) and how unlikely it would be today:

Nearby is the “Lion Rampant” flag of Scotland, unfortunately guilty by association due it’s proximity to hate symbols:

At the other end, the huge number of traveling Genoa supporters…:

…with an equally huge number of banners, stretching around to both sides of the ground:

Among the many Genoa banners, this interesting Irish flag (backwards, or else they’re Ivory Coast fans):

Just before half time Ricardo Bango scores a beautiful goal for Oviedo to really bring the European dream alive, cueing flares and smokes from the home end:

Moments later Real have another chance, but an Italian defender goes down claiming to have been elbowed. Oddly, objects rain down around him from his own supporters, but perhaps they were aimed at the opposition:

Smoke also comes from the away section:

It’s not just the away fans throwing things though, as evident later when darts can chillingly be seen sticking out of the ground clearly having come from the hardcore locals:

There is another incident where the Oviedo ‘keeper goes down injured, bringing more ire from the already unhappy away contingent. As a firework is thrown (look under the ad hoarding), Real’s number 9 expresses “look, here we go again!” while Genoa players appeal for calm:

With helmeted riot police assembled…:

…pyro ends up on the grass:

The majority of the massive Genoese contingent, mostly in white t-shirts, watch on…:

…until play can resume:

The riot squad remain present for the rest of the game…:

…as does the swastika at the other end:

The score stays 1-0 to give Oviedo a great win in their European debut, still having to go to Italy. But before the end, the goalkeeper goes down one more time as coins and lighters and such land around him:

The extent of the projectile bombardment is seen alongside the goal afterwards:

Match File 2:

  • Genoa vs Real Oviedo
  • UEFA Cup 1991/92
  • First Round-2nd Leg
  • 03/10/1991
  • Stadio Luigi Ferraris (Genoa)
  •  42,000 spectators

The famous and beautiful Stadio Luigi Ferraris is packed to capacity for the return leg, with a truly epic scene greeting the teams. We’ll let the images do the talking:

Compared to the game in Spain, the away crowd is minuscule, but we still respect pockets of fanatics like this just as much:

Once the smoke clears we can see that the ends really are amazing here, with multiple layers of fencing:

The Carlos Tartiere back in Oviedo clearly had the advantage in flag hanging, but we do get sight of a few such as this brilliant banner…:

…and Genoa Bruxelles supporters:

Twenty minutes in, the Czech Tomáš Skuhravý scores for Genoa resulting in jubilation…:

…and more fireworks:

But before half-time, Carlos scores for Oviedo to put them back in front and with an away goal toboot:

At the beginning of the second half there is additional pyro as the Genoa supporters stay hopeful:

And on 73 mins Nicola Caricola gets an equaliser (while still behind on away-goals), to set up a big finish. More flares:

Amazingly, the Genoa faith pays off as Skuhravý pops up again on the 90th minute to score the winner, sending the crowd into delirium:

The final-whistle goes shortly afterwards and you know what comes next:

The majority of those present celebrate a famous European night, hoping it to be the first of many in the ground:

Some, yes, even end up on the pitch:


YouTube Links:

Ovideo vs Genoa, 1991, A
Ovideo vs Genoa, 1991, B

Genoa vs Ovideo, 1991, A
Genoa vs Ovideo, 1991, B


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